Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Simple Life

I am longing for the days of a simple life. When I think of the simple life the first thing that comes to my mind is my grandparents. Not to say their life was simple or worry free, but in my child like memories their house was simple and peaceful. My grandparents never owned a television for me to watch. They didn't even have any toys for me to play with. Yet I loved and cherish every minute of the time I spent at their house. It was simple and so absolutely perfect. I spent hours outside with my grandpa doing a whole lot of wonderful nothing. I spent the rest of my hours inside with my grandma. I had this old tin lunchbox that had a few plastic trinkets inside. Oh how I loved that lunchbox. The memories of playing with the simpleness of nothing are some of my favorite childhood memories. It is funny to me that I struggle to remember the toys I had in my own room, but I can replay the memories of my time with that simple little lunch box almost to the exact words I used when I played.

Tonight I am worried and I am stressed. I am stressed about the unknown. I am feeling a feeling I haven't felt in a long time and I am trying to not let it overcome my thoughts. It will be ok and even if it is not there is nothing I can do about it tonight.  So until I can get the reassurance that will answer my concerns I am going to try and think about the simple moments life has to offer and try not to worry.