Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To

Oh my mercy! The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy exhaustion. I am very happy to be back at work. I missed my coworkers and I honestly love the routine of being back at work. However, the meetings, the new students and the new schedules. Uggg!!! It is just crazy. I know all teachers feel this way, but kindergarten teachers have an especially though time at the beginning of the year. 20 little darlings that have never had to sit and follow directions. It's good times; that's all I have to say.

This year has honestly been one of my most stressful starts yet. I don't think it is going to even come close to the kindergarten class of 08-09 ( which I hate to admit but I thought that class was going to force me to quit my job and go work as a Walmart greeter ).Ok I wasn't going to but I feel like I must explain: The class of 08-09: Not a day went by that I didn't get called a bitch. I truly was scared of getting stabbed to death as I had a child that made shanks daily, I got hit on a daily basis, had chairs thrown at me at least twice a week. And yes I am talking about kindergarten students. I had five students that were out of control and there was very little I could do about it.

Any way, moving on, this year I have a very sweet great group of students. I have some of the cutest kids I have ever seen.  I also have a great intern. However, this year has brought about a lot of changes. Our district is heading in a new direction with the way literacy and math instruction is delivered and the state has adopted the Common Core Curriculum. All of which I truly believe is going to be great. However, I feel like a brain surgeon who has always preformed brain surgery this one way. The brain surgery was effective and worked but someone has come up with a new and better way to do things. They send home the manual with me and first thing tomorrow morning I am expected to preform that surgery on a patient going on what I read in a book. Stressful! I guess at least I am not actually going to kill anyone if I mess up; but I hate to think I am not giving my students the best and that I may screw up their education.

I love to do new things, but I cant stand to not do things the right way. So I am stressing myself out about learning all of these new things at once and trying to get them to all work together in my classoom. I am also having a challenging time with three of my new little friends. I know it will all get worked out, but these students are really making me think outside the box. It really is just a puzzle that I need to figure out, but for now my days have been pretty difficult.

I can honestly say I have never been this exhausted. My feet and legs have never hurt so much, my throat hurts from talking so much and I yawn all the time. I need sleep and a long relaxing weekend!

Life is good. I really do enjoy my job. I just needed to get all this blah blah out (and explain why I haven't blogged in so long).

Monday, August 8, 2011

What the Books Didn't tell me

I have to wrap up my Disney post. I know I have drug them out way to long. For those of you still reading-thanks. I really just want to get it all down for my own family memories. I promise to have more exciting post soon.

Going to Disney World really stressed me out. I don't like the unknown. I like to know what I am getting into. When I don't, I feel like I am not in control and I hate that. I know type A personality at it's finest. So to try and get a sense into what Disney World was going to be like with my two children I read the books and I looked up all sorts of information on the internet. I found lots of helpful hints and the information proved to be very useful once we got there. However, I felt like two very important things were never mentioned in anything I read. One I just lucked into and the other well I just had to suck it up and get use to it.

The first thing I am talking about is squeaky shoes. I loved Wee Squeaks with Ashlynn. I can remember how great it was in Walmart to be able to hear the squeak squeak of her shoes and always know that she was right there beside me. Ashlynn would have never gotten further then a foot away from me-ever, but the squeak was just very reassuring of that. Jaxton on the other hand, well that boy thinks it is the funniest thing ever to run as far away from me as possible. He will jump into anybodies arms that have them out stretched and even some that aren't. He keeps me moving nonstop. Therefore, I knew the squeaky shoes would come in handy at Disney. They were fabulous. For anyone that has a small child I highly recommend them. It isn't like I don't watch my child, but even with four adults that little man could get away in a heart beat. With the squeak squeak it was very easy to know he hadn't gotten too far. We got tons of comments about them. Everyone loved them. I loved the fact that they had Razorbacks on them because they got so much attention and I got to proudly show off my team spirit.

The second thing that no one told me was how to pack. Don't get me wrong, I am not a complete idiot, but I really thought that I would want to take some nice clothes for dinner and evening activities. HA! I have never felt like a bigger bum in my life. I don't think I fixed my hair at all the entire week we were there. I never had any makeup on and I found myself washing and re wearing some of my favorite comfy clothes because I just didn't care what I looked like. I way over packed and I really wasn't prepared to look so pitiful all week. That explains the pictures. Hair up, no makeup (even though I did try to put some on it was gone with in a matter of minutes in the sun), shorts and a top and tennis shoes.

Oh well we truly had a fabulous time and made a lot of great memories and I wouldn't trade any of them!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Feeling the Love

I have been very slow to get my Disney post finished. Mainly because Jaxton has decided that he loves to sit in my lap when I am on the computer. Very sweet and great and all but he loves to type as well. Oh well I will get them finished soon. I only have one more after this one.

When Marshal and I got married 10 years ago we went to Saint Lucia. The night we arrived we met a couple and ended up spending the whole week hanging out with them. Once back in Arkansas, Casey and J.F. headed back home to NWA and Marshal and I headed home to Jefferson, near Pine Bluff. We kept in touch with the Morris family off and on for two years even through our move to Louisiana. When Marshal accepted the job for Benton County and we found out we were moving back to Arkansas we came to Rogers, met with Casy and J.F. for dinner and then went back to their house to visit. We ended up loving their neighborhood and bought a house one street down from them. We saw Casey and J.F. almost everyday for several years. They eventually moved to Little Rock and then recently moved to Orlando.

I was so excited to get to go visit them during our vacation. Even though it has been four years since we last saw them it was just like old times. We hung out visited and just really enjoyed being around them. This time was very different from our good old days in Cambridge Place because we both have children now. Honestly it really cracked me up because it was still just like old times even though so much has changed adding four children to the mix. As great as the visit was it made me soooo sad that they live so far away. I would love to be able to have our every Friday night hang out with the Morris family. Oh well I know they will come visit us soon as they can't stay away from Razorback football for too long.

Please ignore our loveliness. We had been at the Magic Kingdom all day and swimming all night.  All day Florida heat does not make a person look too fabulous!

I was also very excited to get to see my friend Benny. Benny and I go way back to high school days. He worked with two of my friends at Whataburger so we hung out back in the day. Now Benny is the food manager for Main Street at The Magic Kingdom. Even though it was Benny's day off he came to the park to meet up with me. It was so nice to see him. He hasn't changed a bit.

I felt very special to get to go all the way to Disney World and have friends to see.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Timer

There are a lot of things that make me feel old. I didn't expect going to Disney World to be one of those things though. However, it happened almost as soon as we got there.

My dad had scheduled a golf game with one of his friends, that was also at Disney World for the week, for Sunday our first full day there. So we decide to take Ashlynn to The Magic Kingdom for the morning and just let her see it all and get a game plan for the week. The minute we walked in there was a line waiting to get Mickey and Minnie's autograph. As soon as we had done that there was Pluto so we got in line to see him.

I don't remember having to wait in line as a child to get characters autographs. Maybe I did and I just don't remember it, but the lines for autographs were often times worse than the lines for the rides. Any way each character has their " security" guard that stood their and made sure the line was moving and closed the line when that characters time was up. That was sometimes heart breaking because once they had a certain number of people in line they wouldn't let anyone else in. Children would walk away in tears because they didn't get there in time.

Any way back to Pluto. We get in line and finally get up to the front to meet him and his helper takes Ashlynn's autograph book and says wow "I have never seen one like this. Where did you get it?" I explain that it was my autograph book from when I was a child. She replies with "Well it must be really old because I have worked here 12 years."

Umm yes, yes it is. The yellow autograph book I got when I went to Disney World in 1986. The red one I got in 1992. I will be honest my mom was showing Ashlynn my autograph books as we started planning our trip to Disney;  I decided to let Ashlynn and Jaxton use them only because I didn't want to spend money on a new one when there was so many leftover pages in mine.

It quickly became special when almost everyone that signed them made comments about them. If it wasn't the actual character saying something it was the workers surrounding the characters. Many of them remembered those books and were so excited to see me using them. Cinderella even said "Wow mommy this must have been yours when you were little. I am so glad you came back to see me and brought your family this time."

I was shocked at how many people have made working at Disney a life long career. It was really special to be able to collect my kids autographs in the autograph books that were originally mine. Ashlynn claims when she takes her kids to Disney she is going to let them use them too. And I hope she does.

Pluto played with Jaxton forever. He got down on all fours and let Jaxton pull him like he was walking him. Pluto LOVED Jaxton's squeaky shoes!

Jaxton was so cute. He got the hang of the character meeting down very quickly.  He would run up and hand them his book and then turn around and pose.  (Please excuse my beautifulness, more on that soon).

Sound asleep, well atleast Jaxton was. HA!