Friday, August 31, 2012

Daily Happies

I am a big fan of happies. I love to give and receive.  Since I don't get happies everyday, I have a few things that I consider my daily happies. Just simple little things that I keep with me everyday at work to make me happy.

My water cup. I love having it. Jaxton bit the straw and it was kind of annoying at first, but now it just makes me think of my sweet boy all day long which I love.

This is the bulletin board by my desk. I keep pictures, cards and art work that students have given me. I can't keep everything but the things that really mean a lot I put on there and I love looking at it all.
This is hard to read, but it says " This is a love note. I love you." It makes me smile and laugh every time I look at it. Such a romantic husband I have.  Ha!

This isn't my this years class, but I love this picture because it shows just how happy kindergartners can make me. What a lucky girl I am to have such sweet babies to work with.

Seeing this smile throughout the day is for sure a happy.

My lotion. I have to have my lotion. I can't stand having dry hands and Bath and Body works lotion makes me very happy throughout the day.

Do you have daily happies too? 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

2nd Grade Oh My

I cannot believe that Ashlynn is starting second grade! It doesn't seem possible that I can remember being in second grade and now I have a child in second grade. I know she is going to have a wonderful year. I feel so blessed that not only did she get a wonderful teacher, but also a teacher that I consider a dear friend.

I know Ashlynn will create many fun memories this year. I thought before the year really got started I would share one of my memories from 2nd grade. I went to elementary school at Sequoyah Elementary School in Russellville. My teacher was Mrs. McElroy. My favorite memory was winning a chicken. Ha. No seriously. We were studying the life cycle of the chicken. We hatched chickens in our classroom and our teacher sent home a form for our parents to sign allowing us to be entered into a classroom drawing to win a chicken to take home. My mom, knowing that I am not very lucky, signed the permission slip to enter the drawing. What she didn't know was that only three other moms signed it and we had four baby chicks, meaning there was no drawing; I got to take home a baby chick! Yay me! Now my mom, she wasn't so excited. She did let me keep baby Peeper until he started growing into a big boy rooster. Lucky for me, my Aunt Ione had a farm where she had chickens. Peeper got to go live with her and be a happy rooster and I got to go visit him every so often.

Now I really hope Ashlynn does not bring home a baby chick, but I do hope she has a fabulous, memorable second grade year.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Want to Remember This

There are just some moments in life I would love to be able to bottle up and keep. Tonight while Ashlynn and I were in the bathroom, getting her ready for bed, was one of those. I took my phone into the bathroom and was listening to music while I brushed her hair and helped her into her jammies. Of course I was singing along loudly. What cool mom wouldn't want their children to know what a fabulous radio singer they are? Ha.Any way it was time for her to brush her teeth. She has an electric toothbrush so it takes the full two minutes. While she was brushing I started dancing along to the music. Now I happen to know I looked ridiculous because I could see my beautiful self dancing in the mirror. She kept looking at me and grinning, which only made me ham it up even more. Well as soon as she finished she said in total seriousness "mom you should find out if that band is going to do a concert because they would probably want you to get on stage and dance for them". Hahaha!!! Oh that girl! Love her! I know one, day all to soon,she is not going to think my dancing is concert stage worthy; she is going to think my dancing is totally embarrassing, but for tonight I am going to soak up being my sweet little girls star!

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