Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wisdom

#1 Random people can be incredibly kind.

You know I really can't imagine the desperation someone must feel to be willing to walk up to a parking lot full of cars with families and children everywhere, break a window and steal someone else's things. I am deeply sadden that someone is so low in their life that they even think that such an act is even an option. Saturday , leaving my car for less than an hour at the soccer field, the last thing I expected was to come back to find my passenger door window smashed. I was very very fortunate that whoever broke my window didn't get to finish the job of taking my things. They broke into two other cars and took everything they could find out of them. As upset as I am about the window, the volition I feel, and the needless waste of money it is going to cost me to fix it; the part about the whole ordeal that is going to stick with me is the incredible kindness of complete strangers. I had tons of people stop to offer words of concern and hugs. I even had man come over with a Walmart bag and glove to help clean out the glass in my car. It was all very touching and I am so thankful to see the natural love of people way out weighs the ugliness of a few. I have a request: While I have no clue what the people's situation is that broke into my car, I do know that they have obviously not seen the kindness of this world in a long time. Would you mind joining me in praying for them?

# 2 Moms don't think clearly when it comes to their children. Period.

I am sharing this lesson because as ridiculous as the incident was, it actually made me stop and think- after I finished staring with my mouth gaping open. I will be the first to admit when it comes to my children I will react with extreme emotion in almost every case. With Facebook and blogs we get an inside look in to lots of parenting moments. However, the only things people want to share are the funny and wonderful parenting moments. Saturday, while I was waiting for the police, two soccer moms began to get in a very heated argument. So heated they drew in the attention of lots of other children and parents. These moms were flat out throwing down. Another mom went over and ended the fight, but not really in the graceful way I felt needed to be used. You maybe wondering how this turned into me learning a lesson. What I really want to take with me from this is respect for other moms. While I may not agree with another moms views; her love and emotions are just as strong as my love and emotions for my child. I can't say I have ever gotten that frustrated with another mom, but I think a little mutual respect between moms could help us all out sometimes.

#3 Running two races within 12 hours isn't a smart move for me.

The last lesson may stick with me the longest. Ugh! So Friday night I ran in the Glow Run 5k in downtown Rogers. It was a fun little run benefiting the Advocacy Center of Benton County. I beat my own PR by a couple of minutes. I know for all you runners out their 27:44 is almost laughable, but I am typically a 10 minute mile kind of girl so I was proud. The next morning, exactly 12 hours later, I ran in the AIM 5k with a time of 29:41. Not as good, but I could tell I wasn't very hydrated and my legs were a little sore so I was still proud. After the race I went about my normal business, running kids here and there, getting groceries, getting my window smashed, you know typical life. Saturday evening I started not feeling so great. Just tried and worn out. I figured the day was just getting to me. Sunday morning I get up and start getting ready for church. Next thing I know I am feeling terrible. Dizzy, extremely thirsty, nauseated, just overall horrible. It was seriously no fun. I sound like a drama queen, but honestly I just wanted to close my eyes and die because I couldn't stand feeling that bad for another second. Yes I am an idiot and let myself get way too dehydrated. Marshal took good care of me and after countless glasses of water and sports drinks I think I am going to make it. Lesson: I am not a star athlete; In fact I am not even in that great of shape. I should probably stick to eating cake I am obviously way better at that!

So ready for another weekend,but just the plain Jane calm kind please.

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