Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh the Life: Time in a Small Town

You will have to forgive me, I grew up in Russellville Arkansas; if we went anywhere else is was to Little Rock. So Russellville was as small as it got for me. Marshal on the other hand was born, and lived a good part of his childhood, in Hector. Now I can't say what the population of Hector was back then, but passing through a couple weeks ago I noticed the population sign said 455. Isn't that adorable?
Now notice I said passing through. Well that's because we were not really on or way to Hector; our destination was actually Alread, Arkansas. To help you get a better idea of where that is ( since I know you've never heard of it) it is right beside Nogo, Arkansas. Clears it right up now, right. Ha!
Marshal's dads family was from Alread. In fact the only real street I have been on other than the highway is called Watson Road.

Marshal, the kids, and I were there to visit the cemetery where Marshal's dad and grandparents are buried.

They have decoration every year on the first Sunday of June. We actually went up on Saturday, as we were already in town for my Aunts birthday. Because no one was really at the cemetery we had to figure out what to do with the money to help with clean up and maintenance fees. What better to do then head down Watson road to see who we could find, right.
That is exactly what we did. Now I would need Marshal's mom to explain to me exactly who everyone is because my memory gets a little fuzzy, but the first home on Watson road belongs to Lillian Watson. I believe she is Marshal's dads aunt. Anyway none the less we haven't seen her in 7 years and really hardly saw her before that. I tell you this because it isn't exactly like Marshal would be a familiar face to her. Yet he walked up to her door and we ended up spending the next hour in her house visiting with her and letting her love on the kids ( my kids were all sorts of confused).

The very cool thing is Lillian has a granddaughter named Ashlyn Watson too. Here I thought my daughters name was unique. Her Ashlyn is one year older than my Ashlynn so I guess I technically took her name, even though I had no idea she existed until my Ashlynn was over a year old. As we were leaving a car flagged us down on the road and darn if I can't remember the ladies name, but she invited us to the family reunion and was very insist that we come. Sadly we couldn't, but their never met a stranger everyone is family attitude was just the cutest! ( I know technically we are family, but without the name they wouldn't know us from Adam.)
We were still doing great on time and were going to make it to my Aunt's bday party just in time, until Marshal spotted this.

Now granted the sign said the store hours were Monday-Friday 8:00 to 5:00, but someone was there so that didn't stop Marshal from walking right up to the door. The door was locked, but as Marshal started walking away the owner opened the door and invited Marshal in. I don't know about you but that has never happened to me at Walgreens. Ha! Anyway Marshal got his ammo and even checked out the gun collection while he was in there. Sorry Aunt Arene, Marshal/ guns=we are officially late.
We did eventually make it to the party. I have to say, as an only child, I absolutely love love being around my mom and her brothers and sisters. They have the best stories; even if none of them agree on the endings. They just warm my heart and being with them reminds me of the days when we would all gather at my grandparents house. Huge family potlucks (seriously they don't make food as good as that anymore), slobbery kisses on both checks from relatives, laughing, talking, just plain and simple love.

Five of the seven siblings: Rudy, Roger, Charlotte, Ione, and birthday girl Arene in the front.

I may love my big town life, but my day in the small towns was a lot of heart warming
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day and It's Been 12 years!

Today is Father's Day and it also happens to be our 12 year anniversary.

I have to start with saying Happy Father's Day. I wouldn't be the person I am today without my dad. Not only do I look like I could be his 28 year younger female twin, but I got a lot of great qualities from him too. Yes, I know you are thinking he is quiet and reserved, you Andrea, well let's just say I got the talking and out going spirit from my mom. Ha! However, my dad is strong and passionate. I know you wouldn't know it to look at him, (and this would embarrass him to know I am sharing) but when that man loves, well you better just hold on because he loves fiercely and would do anything to help you. I also got my stubbornness from him and yes, I view that as a good thing. Stubbornness often stands up for what is right regardless of the cost ( and that cost can sometimes be overwhelming). My dad also instilled in me a great love and trust in God. And how could I end this without mentioning my fabulous golf skills. Those suckers for sure came straight from him. While not quite as stellar, you watch him play, you watch me play, you'll plainly see where I get it. Ha- Love you dad!

I think it is very fitting that my favorite picture of me and my dad just happens to be on my wedding day.

I will admit 12 years ago today when that picture was taken I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Twenty years old and couldn't stop grinning, but wow did life have some surprises for me ( and I am quite sure there are more to come). I was so in love and was marrying my best friend. Over the last 12 years I have learned more about love than I ever thought possible. I don't even come close to deserving the love Marshal gives me. Lord knows I am not the easiest person to love, but I am so thankful he does. I am also so thankful to say that 12 years later he is still my best friend and each and everyday I fall in love with him more and more. Happy Anniversary Marshal!

We celebrated last night so we could spend today enjoying our sweet babies.
Steak and TWO desserts...... Now that my friends shows you just how much this man truly loves me.

( thanks Amy for letting us pull you away from the pool long enough to get a quick pic. XOXO)

Happy Father's Day to you all and a special Happy 12 year Anniversary to Casey and J.F. You guys are the best couple to share an anniversary with. I miss you every day!

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