Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alone Time

I am in complete and total heaven right now. I ,being the wonderful mother that I am, took Jaxton to MDO this morning and Marshal wanted to take Ashlynn to work with him. This left me with sweet and precious alone time. I cannot even tell you how wonderful this is.

Alone time is one of those things that no one ever tells you about before you have kids. No one tells you that once you have kids alone time is a rare gift. In fact before I had kids, I actually hated to be alone. The summer Marshal and I got married I couldn't wait for him to get home from work. I was like a baby puppy. The second I heard his car pull up in the drive way I would run to the door, leap in his arms, and lick his face. Ok maybe I didn't go so far as to actually lick his face, but you get the point. I was just so excited to have him home so I wasn't alone anymore. It is a wonder he didn't divorce me within the first month. I can only imagine how much I must have gotten on his nerves.

I wish someone would have told me then to cherish that alone time. Although I probably wouldn't have listened.

Now, I have a job where there is absolutely no alone time all day and after that I have a family with me constantly. With Ashlynn in school I don't even have alone time in the car anymore. So as you can imagine I dream about days like today. A few short hours of nothing but me time. Don't get me wrong , I love love love my family. I love being a mom and I love my wonderful husband, but today I am loving being totally and completely alone.

Here is a list of some of the things I am enjoying about my alone time:

  • I ran errands this morning and didn't have to take 10 minutes to unload my kids and I didn't have to hold any ones hand.
  • I got to have an uninterrupted phone conversation.
  • I got to use the bathroom without anyone watching me. (sorry single girls, but it is true you never really get to go to the bathroom alone again once you have kids)
  • I wrote an entire blog post without having to stop seven times to get Barbie shoes out of Jaxton's mouth.
  • I got to run on the treadmill on my time schedule, not having to wait for nap or bedtime.
  • I sat on the couch and actually did nothing but watch t.v. of my choice without feeling like I had to be folding laundry or doing dishes.
  • I got to hear complete silence.

I am sure I could go on and on about the things I am enjoying about my day, but it won't last forever. Also, as good as I am at the bumble bee pick up thing 15 minutes before Marshal gets home, I really do have a lot to accomplish before the holiday travel starts.

I must say I am so thankful for my family. Without them today would just be another day and not the fabulous adventure that it has become.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jaxton's 1st Birthday

Jaxton is One! I can't believe it. We had so much fun celebrating. His actual birthday was Friday and we had both sets of grandparents over. It was pretty low key. I made brisket and we just hung out and loved on our little one year old. Ashlynn had so much fun helping Jaxton open the birthday presents his grandparents just couldn't resit buying him. I am pretty sure she also enjoyed playing with his new toys more then he did. This is what Jaxton thought of opening presents.

On Saturday we had some friends over for a birthday brunch. I cannot thank those of you that came enough. It absolutely meant the world to me to have you be apart of Jaxton's birthday party. We all felt very loved and I will never be able to express my thanks to you for helping make it so special.

Banner I made for the party.

We had Jaxton's picture made each month. I framed each one of them and used them to decorate the food table. The #1 I made. And of course the yummy Rick's cupcakes.

Never to early to start them on Rick's.
Just like his momma-He loved it! Instead of traditional gifts we had everyone bring donation items for the NWA Children's shelter. Jaxton enjoyed checking out all the great donations. I had to include a picture of this toy. This was the toy that all the kids wanted to play with. Unfortunately the birthday boy did not like sharing and kept pushing the sweet little girls off of it. We must work on his manners before he starts dating...
And last but certainly not least, I want to give a huge Thank you to one of my besties!!! Not only is she the best adopted Aunt a child could ask for, but she is the sweetest and most caring friend a girl could ever have. Thank you Melissa for coming all the way from Texas and for staying and helping me clean up. You are the absolute best and I love you!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It has been one of those days, weeks, ok months

So I guess you have noticed I have not blogged in almost a month. What a loser...

I don't know what has been going on. I keep wanting to write a blog post and I will sit down to do it and I just stare at the screen with nothing fun or exciting to share. Or I write a blog post when I am feeling totally emotional about something and I delete because it ends up being some ridiculous "spill your guts" crap that I know I will regret saying as soon as I hit the post button. Please tell me you have these moments?

I will be real honest and say they seem to be happening more often then they use to. I had no idea how much my birth control pills leveled out my hormones. I have seen a huge difference in how emotional I really am without them. Scary, I know. I feel like a teenage girl all over again. I start crying for no reason, ten minutes later I am mad as hell, and then next thing you know I am face first in a bowl of peanut butter and chocolate chips. Is this normal? Or should I be seeking professional help?

Ok to continue on with my randomness. I do have to tell you all something. This is going to get pretty personal, but I feel like it is easier to explain if I just throw it all out there. My lack of blogging is not all necessarily because I have nothing to say. A lot of it is a lack of time. I have been spending most of my "free" (and I use that world very carefully because what does that even mean when you are a mother) time exercising. I am very very proud to say I am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! WHoo Hoo!!! I am so proud. Ok here comes the personal part. The thing no girl really wants to share, but I think it will be too confusing without it. I weighed 120 before I got pregnant with Jaxton. I currently weigh 119. Now , my goal is not 120. My actual goal is 115. So I still have a little ways to go. I know four pounds doesn't seem like a lot, but anyone who has ever been around me knows that I LOVE food. I mean it is absolutely one of my favorite things on earth. Everything in my life revolves around food. Not the healthy kind, the good ,yummy, as fattening as can be, food. So four pounds seems next to impossible for me.

We will see. I do have an extremely awesome personal trainer who is happy to kick my butt anytime I will let her. In fact I think she really enjoys seeing how much she can torture me. Any ways I will keep you all updated.

P.S. if you made it to the end of all this randomness you deserve a cake in a cup from Rick's. So go treat yourself, but take me with you!