Thursday, September 27, 2012

While the Husbands Away the Spider will Play

Let me start off by saying oh my mercy! I live in the city for a reason. I surround myself with neighbors not only because I enjoy the company, but I take great comfort in knowing that certain little critters that live in the wild don't live near me.

Since moving into this house (which I absolutely love) I have had a snake in my driveway, coyotes chilling across the street, big turtles crossing the street, pretty cute lizards swimming in my dogs water bowl, skunks chasing me and spraying at me while I run, and last night the biggest spider I have ever seen, not in a cage, hanging out in my garage.

Now I realize I don't exactly live in the middle of town, but I do live in a subdivision with several homes and lots of children that are constantly outside making enough noise that I would think any critter would think twice about hanging around. This is Marshal and my third house to buy, but I can honestly say the thought of moving into the wild never crossed my mind. Ha-ok maybe it isn't that bad and I can promise you I love my neighborhood so much that dealing with the occasional wild thing is worth it, maybe.Yikes!

Back to the spider.... I am sure you can tell by now, I am a girly girl.  I firmly believe that part of Marshal's job is to be my knight in shinning armor and rescue me from anything I deem to be dangerous. Last night Marshal wasn't home. I pulled in to my garage, get out, get the kids unloaded and then head back out to the car to get the rest of our things. That's when I saw him. The spider so big he could swallow me up in one bite. Ha! Ok maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but he really was as big as the palm of my hand and I am not kidding about that one. So first step, I did what any logical  person would do, I screamed for Ashlynn to bring me my phone.

Once I had taken his picture, from about 20 feet back, I got a can of spider killer spray that I remembered I bought this summer after my vicious run in with a black widow.  I stood as far back as I thought I could stand and started spraying the spider. Well this only pissed the spider off. He started running closer and closer to me with white spray all over him. I kept spraying and spraying. He kept running and running. Finally, after I had emptied the entire can of spider spray onto him, did he stop. However, it quickly became obvious that he only stopped because he had a ton of heavy liquid on him and not because the spray had killed him. He started shaking the spray off. Well crap! I am going to have to squish him. I grab Marshal's flip flop and inched towards him. He is still shaking around like crazy, working as quickly as he can to remove the spray. I raise the flip flop high in the air, close my eyes, and WHAP bring the flip flop down on top of the spider as hard as I could. Spider parts went flying everywhere, but I think I killed him. Ha!

Moral of the story-spider spray doesn't actually kill spiders. Did you already know this? Why in the world did someone not tell me this before? I did go back and read the can. Apparently it will prevent spiders from returning for up to 12 weeks. That is fabulous news! I figure 12 weeks, times the entire can, equals at least six months of no spiders visiting that one square inch of the garage. Ha!

Thank goodness after my spider fighting came to an end I went inside to wash my hands and found a love note from my hubs stuck to my mirror. Thanks Marshal. Maybe next time I will find the note first, take it out to the spider, show him I am loved and he will run back to his spider home in the woods somewhere and live happily ever after.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Because I am Not Always a Peach

I know this is absolutely going to shock almost all of you.  You all probably think that living with me is like a dream. I mean I am sweet, kind, caring, a fairly good cook, and I like to keep my house pretty close to spotless. What is not to love about that, right? Ha!

Ok I admit I am not always a peach to live with. In fact I will even go so far as to admit that I even want to move out on myself sometimes. I can get really really grouchy. Last weeks was one of those weeks. Marshal said more than once " Are you even listening to yourself ?".  It was ugly, really ugly. I was being a total pain. I don't know why, but it seems the older I get the less I can control my hormones. Being 16 is nothing compared to this crazy mess. Is this just happening to me?

 I feel like because of what Marshal put up with last week he totally deserves this  brag on my husband post. Saturday we had a nurse come to our house to do a check up for a life insurance policy Marshal and I have applied for. She asked us health history questions, took our blood pressure, height, weight, and oh my mercy blood test. We were not suppose to have anything to eat our drink before hand. It really worked out great because she was scheduled to be at our house at  9:00 and I rolled out of bed around 8:50. 

Anyway, if you have known me for more than 5 seconds you know I am absolutely terrified of needles. I firmly believe I need all of my blood in my body. I have a tendency to get pretty squeamish and light head when I have to get blood drawn. 

The nurse saved the blood draw for the last thing. I warned her that I wasn't a very good patient and away we went. She was very quick and did a great job. She was even so so sweet. She told me how pretty I was while she was doing her business. She said even afterwards I still looked beautiful. I sat there for a minute knowing I didn't want to watch Marshal give his blood. I felt fine. I got up and walked around for a little bit with Jaxton and all was going great. She was getting ready to leave and needed us to sign our paperwork. All of the sudden nothing was fine anymore. I started feeling terrible and I passed out cold. This was the worse pass out I have had in a very very long time.

After I came to, the nurse told me all about what a wonderful husband I had. How he was so sweet and caring. How he had his eyes on me the whole time and knew, even before I did, that I was going to pass out and was right there to catch me. How he knew exactly what to do to help me and how loving he was through it all.  

I unfortunately felt terrible the rest of the day. Marshal was such a great husband and took care of me all day. I am telling you total love.  He even let me take a four hour nap Sunday and he got up and took care of the kids. Who needs flowers or happies when you can have a four hour nap, right?

He really is the best and deserves a lot more than a sappy blog post. I think I will keep him.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outside My Box

I tend to be a very patterned person. I find comfort in what I know. Marshal and I will get into a pattern of doing something and we tend to just stick with it. Some patterns last longer than others and some are good patterns, where as others, are not so good. For example when I was pregnant with Ashlynn we got in the pattern of going to the donut store almost every Saturday morning. That pattern continued well after Jaxton was born and only with our move to Bentonville did that stop. I find myself so lost on Saturday mornings ( we are talking about something I did almost every Saturday for 8 years). I often times skip eating breakfast altogether now because I can't have my donut ( and no the donuts in Bentonville are just not the same).   

I could really give you a list a mile long of patterns that I get into. I am not sure why I am like that. I just build my little box and it feels so good to me to stay in it.

That is not to say that I don't like change and adventure. I can tell you there have been very little changes that I have not embraced and loved. I do get very nervous with the unknown and tend to way over analyze and think about things especially when I don't know what to expect. Having said all of that, I have some wonderful friends that have really got me thinking about expanding my experiences and stepping outside of my box a little bit. My sweet friend Melissa pointed out in her recent blog post that most people don't take time to enjoy their surroundings. I am definitely guilty of that. Big time!

She would be so so proud of me though because this weekend I stepped outside of my box and took my family on a little hike at Tanyard Creek. ( And if that wasn't impressive enough stay tune for my October plans-whoa you aren't going to know what to think.) I have heard lots about it and how beautiful a place it is, but for the 10 years I have lived here, I have never gone.

I packed a picnic dinner and invited my parents to come along. It was beautiful and we could not have asked for a nicer day. Ashlynn and Jaxton both ran all over the place exploring. They both seemed to have a great time. It did crack me up though because when we were eating Ashlynn said " I am not much into eating outside mom, there are bugs and stuff and I am a little sweaty, which is gross. " HA! Sometimes I just crack up at my little mini me. Seriously where does she get this stuff?