Friday, November 27, 2009

Two Little Turkeys

My heart is full. I have so much to be thankful for; in fact I am not even going to attempt to create a list . I am however going to tell you my top two.

Number 1: I am thankful that God has shown me his unconditional love and his ever ready presence in my life. This year, more than any other, I tried very hard to push him away. I felt like he had let me down. I am so thankful for his grace and mercy and the patience he gave me throughout my struggle.

Number 2: I am thankful for my wonderful family! I have been blessed beyond measure with a wonderful husband and two precious little turkeys!

This Thanksgiving was the first Holiday I didn't get to be with my mom and dad. It was difficult to be out of the normal tradition. However, Marshal and I got "adopted" this year by a very special friend to join their family for Thanksgiving. A big big Thank you to them. We felt so welcomed and loved!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Lord is so Great

This has been one of those moments in my life where I can so clearly feel the presence of God. I am sure every woman is nervous as the delivery of her baby draws closer. I am no exception to that. I have to admit I was pretty scared. I thought it would be easier having already gone through it with Ashlynn, but it really only made me more nervous about going through it again.
I prayed a thousand times for God to be with me during the delivery and that he keep my baby boy healthy and safe. Those prayers were 100% answered and then some; as the nurse said "this has to be the easiest and quickest delivery I have ever seen". I can truly say that I felt God holding me through the entire process. He also brought my Grandmother, an angel in heaven, to be right by my side as well.
Well enough of are some pictures! I promise to get some better ones soon. As you can imagine we are going through the adjusting process of have a new baby and trying to get as much rest as we can. Jaxton is a very sweet little boy and very laid back. I feel like my family is perfectly complete!
Didn't really mean to put this last one of me and my 30 minutes after delivery beauty, but I am too dumb to figure out how to delete it off of the post and don't want to have to re-do it for one silly little picture. Sorry you all have to see this!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet vs Not so Sweet

My husband is the perfect mix between sweet and not so sweet. I guess I should be thankful for the sweet times, but oh those not so sweet seem to really stick out! Then again if he was sweet all the time it would probably get on my nerves, honestly.

So yesterday he brought the mobile command post (a traveling emergency operation even simpler terms a mobile 911 center) to school to show my kids. We have been studying community helpers this week and I thought it would be a fun Friday afternoon activity to have a community helper come and share. Well long story short the kids loved it, especially the fact that it had a bathroom in it. So the sweet part was that along with his mobile command post he also brought me orange rolls from Crumpet! YUM!!! All of this seems pretty sweet, right? Well for the not so sweet part...he brought me four orange rolls (man I hope the girls from school are not reading this I would be in so much trouble for not sharing!). I get home with the left overs (no I didn't eat them all at school even though the thought did cross my mind). I have my hands completely full and Marshal doesn't bother to come out and help me unload the car, because he is waaaaaayyyy to busy watching television. Yep you guessed it I drop the box with the orange rolls in it and the two left over rolls promptly go rolling across the grass! Well, I was so upset and of course very angry with him.
To make up for this he decides this morning to take me to my favorite bakery in the world for breakfast/lunch (sorry Juli). When we go to Rick's on Saturday morning we always get there right around 11:00 so we can have donuts for breakfast and finish that off with sandwiches for lunch. They have the absolute best food ever especially now that they serve a free dessert with every lunch order! And don't even think for a minute that that free dessert keeps me from getting a dessert to take home with me before we leave. So sweeet made my day!
Now,I wish I could leave this post with a sweet husband , but no. Today at Walmart I was buying some face lotion and I was trying to find something cheaper than the $14 lotion I always buy. That's when I get the comment "What's $14 when you are trying to take care of your face for a lifetime, you might need that $14 lotion after having two kids"......Thanks Marshal you and your comments are oh so sweet!!!