Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cake Please

Why is it when I have a rough week the only thing I can think about doing is curling up on the couch with a fork and a cake? Notice I didn't say a piece of cake, I said a cake. As in if you come anywhere near me and my cake I will stab you with my fork. Those of you that know me well (ok that is a lie, those of you that have even met me once, as in the check out lady at Walmart even) know I am simply not joking about this.

I mean I know I am not the only one that feels the way, but seriously this stress addiction to cake is ridiculous. I am aware there are much worse things than needing cake. Like needing wine and cake. Which, unfortunately, I have to admit I have been there too. When it gets that bad though honestly you probably just need to duck and cover. Hey, I never ever claimed to be the most emotionally stable person.

Ok anyways lets get back on track here. I know some of you out there are going to read this and just think ok ok get over you whining, but I honest to goodness have no words to describe the amount of stress that happens in my life every year from the middle of August to the middle of September. If you have never taught kindergarten there really is just no way to understand. I could try to give you some comparisons to help you imagine it- it's like 20 children throwing their own party in one room and you aren't invited to a single one. It's like you wake up one morning and realize you seem to speak some strange foreign language and for some reason no one else understands you. It's like spending 7 hours in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese, germs and all. I could keep going, honestly I could, but once again I digress on my whole point: Kindergarten during the first three weeks is physically and emotionally draining.

I want cake. I need cake. WHERE IS THE CAKE!

I looked everywhere in this house. No cake. I even had my kids search the house for cake. Ok that's another lie. My house is organized to the nth degree. Every thing has a home and every thing is in that home.If I had cake I wouldn't have to search for it; I would know exactly where it was.

Apparently my children did pick up on my stress though. They both offered to brush my hair. Awe isn't that the greatest! To me having my hair played with is truly right up there with cake.

I know I look terrible. I am telling you exhaustion!

And the big plus with that option is-I don't have to worry about the morning after talk in the mirror. You know, where I have to explain to myself why I have a fat gut that is preventing me from buttoning my pants. Talk about starting your morning off in a good mood.

Turns out that few minutes with my children was exactly what I needed. They reminded me of why deep down I love this stress. My perfect sweet children. Wow how I love them. And I fall in love with my kindergarten babies with every minute I spend with them. I mean tell me, is there really anything better than a cute kindergartener? Their sweet innocence. Their perfect raw passion for learning, there is nothing more magical. When I take a minute to step back from my own exhaustion, I can see how those connections are already forming and I know that with those connections comes a perfectly, wonderful, organized and successful classroom and the job that I truly love having.

So long cake until we meet again.....September 29th for any of you wondering. No stress needed.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I'm on a Boat

Yes my title is a song ( Thank you Michael). It is a funny song, but I am not necessarily encouraging you to look it up as you do have to create a *beep* every few seconds for the language. If you can get over that part though its good for a little entertainment.

Ok enough of that business. Marshal and I haven't gotten our boat out of the storage building in four years. Ridiculous I know. Long story short we had some repairs done that ended up costing a ton and the boat still didn't work right after we paid for them. We parked the boat and kept putting off spending more money on it until before we knew it four years went by. We finally got the boat fixed and took it out last weekend. I am happy to say it is working fabulously and I had forgotten how much I loved being out on it.

We didn't really make a plan because the weather was iffy and we were not sure how long it was going to take to get it cleaned up after being in the shop. It ended up just being our family of four. At first we were nervous that we would get bored, but really it was great. Ashlynn tubed for hours.

Jaxton tubed a little, but was really just happy as a little lark riding in the boat.

I skied ( without injury this time, ha) and learned to drive the boat.

Yikes! Marshal really wanted me to drive while he skied, but I was way too nervous for that. He also wanted me to pull the jeep off the boat ramp, but that made me nervous too.

Obviously we need someone to go with us next time. Who 's in?

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July Summarized

Where did the summer go? I can't believe in one week I will be back at work, then again July was just as busy as June so it is no wonder that it is already over.
We started the month off with 4th of July weekend. With it being on Thursday this year it seemed like we celebrated for days. It was a fun time with family, neighborhood friends, and other friends. The kids enjoyed all of the fireworks this year. Thank goodness for that because our neighbors literally shot them off for weeks. I think the most memorable 4th of July event was my little skiing accident. Nothing big, but a month later I am still trying to grow my thumb nail back and I have a cute little scar across my leg. Some day when you're bored and need a good laugh just call me up and I will fill you in on that little story.

The next week we went to VBS at Oakley where my mom works. I was in charge of snacks for the week. I had fun planning each day and making everything. I even had a lady tell me that I should open a restaurant. Ha! My kitchen looked like a war zone that week though. I just couldn't keep up with all the different things I was cooking for church and the meals I needed to make to feed my own family.

Ashlynn had Girl Power camp at Trike Theater. She loved it. We got to come to a parent show at the end of the camp and watch each girl perform. They all did great. I loved that the camp focused on building self confidence.

Of course July also held vacation.

Ashlynn had art camp this month as well. If you haven't checked out Imagine Studios in Rogers you should. This is where Jaxton had his art camp in June too. We loved it. ( The M and A on her soccer ball stands for Maris and Ashlynn-my sweet girl can't wait to go back to school to see her best friend.)

I know this month seems to be all Ashlynn. Jaxton did have swimming lessons. He also figured out how fabulous it is to sleep in until 9:45. My by far favorite Jaxton/ July memory is lots and lots of snuggles. (Yes, this means I was still in bed when he woke up at 9:45. Love love lazy summer mornings!)

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