Friday, June 22, 2012

Is This Normal

When all of you start messaging me with names and numbers of psychiatrist I guess I will have my answer. Ha!

Things that make me think I might be crazy.

1) For 31 years now I have made my decisions based on my gut, emotions, and logic. Every time I have a gut feeling about something I go with it and in the end it has lead me in the right direction or proven that I have made the right decision. However, twice recently I have had very strong gut feelings about something and just knew how it was going to work out. Only in the end to find out that my gut was dead wrong. What the heck. How do you deal with your own self lying to you? Does it even make sense to not trust yourself? Ugh.I am losing it. Looking back at the logic in both of the situations it seems so obvious that I was wrong the whole time. Why couldn't I see that? Did I really pay so little attention that I couldn't see what was right in front of me the whole time?

2) I deal with stress, worry, and pain in one of two ways- I sleep a ton so I don't have to think about it or I can't sleep at all because of it. I don't know why or what makes my body decide to handle each situation with one polar extreme or the other. I can tell you, if it were up to me, I would prefer the sleep a ton approach. Reason beginning, the can't sleep at all, annoys the crap out of me. Take last night for example, I was upset and couldn't sleep. My mind was running all over the place, but instead of trying to think about and deal with what I was upset about I kept playing over and over in my mind all the reasons I really don't like baseball. Really? Wow, that seems like a wonderful way to spend 8 hours you big dork!

3) While in New York we visited a couple of churches. The churches were open to the public to be toured, but when we went inside they were holding services. This really caught me off guard. These people are trying to worship God when there are random tourist roaming around the place? I see. I mean I can be sitting in church when a lady 15 rows up and all the way over to the left, gets up to go to the restroom. I immediately look over at her and here is a typical sample of what my mind does: " Oh that is a pretty yellow top she has on, Umm lemon pie sounds yummy, wonder if I have those ingredients at home? No I will have to go to the store. While I am there I need to remember to pick up some, blah, blah, blah, and blah. Huh, wonder when I could got to the store. Well that won't work because the kids have, blah and blah. Then I have that scheduled for then. Oh crap I forgot to mail that card to so and so." Wait a minute is the preacher wrapping up his sermon all ready? Oh great I totally missed it!

Yet here these people are attending a church where tourist are walking around and talking to one another constantly. Huh, I feel like I must need some ADD meds.

4) One of my favorite, what the heck is wrong with me, things is my ability to comfort myself. If I am upset about something I find music that is guaranteed to make me cry and I listen to it over and over again Seems like great self soothing, right? I proved this point of being a fabulous self comforter again during the whole plane ride home event. Ok, we are flying to Houston from NYC. We have already had one weather delay leaving New York. We start heading towards Houston and the pilot comes on and says " sorry folks we are being diverted back to Dallas due to storms". Ok whatever. We have to stay on the plane and are told very little information as to what is going on. Next thing we know they are yelling at us to get ready to take off and make it snappy. One hour later we take off for our 35 minute flight back to Houston. We get in the air and next thing we know the sky is dark gray, there is lightening all around us and the plane is being thrown around like a toy Three people were actually sent to the hospital from flying in that storm system, not on my plane but one on the same route during the same time. I wasn't sure if I was going to die from a plane crash or the anxiety attack I was having. What do I do? One second I am praying " Dear Lord please get me through this" and the very next second I am singing Alanis Morissette's Ironic " He ( I changed it to she) waited his whole life to take this flight and as the plane crashed down he thought well isn't this nice". Who does that? I kept trying to tell myself to stop thinking things like that because it certainly wasn't helping my profuse sweating or need to vomit, but I simply wouldn't listen to myself.

So what is the verdict? Do you do things like this or is it totally just me?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The City Through My Eyes

I am really going to try and not make this a 300 page post. Ha. Seriously though I got to do and see so much in New York I just have so much I want to share. I had a wonderful trip and could not have had more fun with Jennifer.

I have always wanted to go to New York City. I have asked and asked Marshal to take me, but he really has no interest. He got to go on a work trip to see the major city highlight, but would never commit to taking me.

It turned into the perfect girls trip. Jenn and I ran non-stop trying to squeeze in as much of the city as possible. I don't think anyone could have gone with the flow with me as much as Jenn did. I went with no plans and no expectations. I just wanted to see and do everything and that is what we did.

This isn't going to be your typical "I went to New York City" blog post. I really want to share everything that made my trip so fun and not just the I saw this and I saw that.

It started off great before we even left XNA. We were waiting to go through security when randomly this guy standing in front of us decides to turn around and have a chat with us about gun rights and shooting planes. What made him think two single girls  wanted to have this conversation is beyond me. Any way he of course he gets on our plane so we have to take a picture of him and wonder the whole time if he is planning to shoot a hole in our plane to prove his point. Ha not really but he was cracking us up.

We arrive in NYC around 12:30 and got checked into our hotel. We stayed at the alfot in Harlem. It is fairly new and a really great place to stay. We weren't right down town, but we were only about a 15 minute train ride away from everything. As soon as we got checked in we headed for Times Square.I was taken back by how beautiful it all was, but honestly everything was a lot smaller than I had pictured it.

Miniature cupcakes at a bakery called Baked by Melissa.

Radio City Music Hall
Grand Central Station
Me in trouble as always.  No really just took a picture because the NYPD were just sooooo nice!

The ball was tiny compared to what is shown on t.v. Of course

You can hardly see it in this pic. Ha.
We hit up all the major stores. Jenn's cousin Zack met us and took us all over Times Square.

The big piano at FAO Schwarz toy store from the movie Big.

I am not going to even pretend like I was able to keep my hands off of the Abercrombie model.

He even let us go to the second floor at Tiffany's and dream. Did you know they have cute little private rooms where they serve you Tiffany colored petit fours and champagne while you look at rings?

The price tag on these babies is $39,800. I bought myself the missing one. Ok I pretended like I bought myself the missing one.
That night we went to see Mary Poppins. It was fabulous! I loved every minute of it.

The show started at 8:00 p.m. so it was still day light outside. When we left 2 hours later I expected to walk out into the dark of night. I was shocked when we stepped out of the theater and it appeared to be daylight. The lights of the city were so bright it seemed as if there were literally no change in day and night.  I loved the fact that you could shop at Forever 21 at 8:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m.

Any way we headed for dinner. We arrived at Juniors at 10:45 p.m. and had to wait 30 minutes to be seated. We were cracking us up how many people were trying to get dinner at 11:00 at night. It was well worth the wait though as the cheesecake was so yummy!

We finished dinner around 12:30 and hit the streets again. This is when one of my favorite parts of the entire trip happened. The streets are packed with people. You are being pushed and touched and grabbed by everyone around you.

There were people trying to get you to buy stuff and take their fabulous tours. We passed by this guy that was holding a sign for some club and he is invites us to go because they are passing out free dildos and chicken wings. HA! What in the heck. Where did they come up with that combination? Oh my mercy! As if that wasn't enough we cross the street and on the very next corner ,directly across from the police station, this group of guys are conducting their drug deal. I found it rather amusing because there were literally cops everywhere. There must have been five of them within 10 feet of these guys ; yet here they were just passing around money and drugs like it was nothing. It was great!

 The next morning we wanted to just be able to take it easy and I had it in my mind that I wanted to sit in Central Park and read so I bought a trashy magazine and a donut from the street vendors and we sat in the park for awhile.

It was so pretty and it being a Sunday it was so busy. There were people every where hanging out, sun tanning, playing ball, taking yoga classes, running and just having a great time.

After Central Park we headed to the Empire State Building, and then to see another show. We saw Memphis from 5th row seats, which was really neat, but I honestly liked sitting in the mezzanine better because it made the show so much more magical, not seeing all the setting changes and actors microphones and stuff.

After the show we went to dinner with Jenn's aunt and uncle and cousins that drove in to see her from their New Jersey home. We ate at Bond 45. It was somewhere I would have never picked on my own, but it was so yummy. Jenn's aunt ordered everything for me as I didn't even know what half the stuff on the menu was. She did great and I loved everything (whatever it was-ha).

The next morning we got up early and headed down to see Good Morning America and the Today Show.  We spent most of our time at the Today Show since they do several segments outside. We met this group of guys that was there to promote the new Dallas and I found it interesting that they were actually getting paid to stand outside the Today Show to promote the show. We also met Lenny, a guy that stands outside the Today Show everyday for the last I don't know how many years. I wish I would have thought about the hour delay here, I would have text you all to make you watched my few seconds of fame on t.v.HA!

Some of the 50 guys being paid to stand outside the Today Show to promote the new Dallas show.


Miss America getting ready to be interviewed.

I had fun visiting China Town (although I didn't like everyone yelling "$5 for you" at me every time I looked at anything), I thought little Italy was so cute, and the shopping at SoHo was another favorite part of my trip. Wall street was boring to me (sorry all of you financial people), but visiting the 9/11 memorial was truly amazing. It was one of those chill bumps on your arms moments that was very powerful. On a less serious note, the hot cop that was super flirty definitely enhanced the experience. Ha!

View of the shoreline from the Staten Island Ferry

View of  Freedom tower  from the North Pool.

Names on the side of the South Pool

New York Stock Exchange

View from the ferry. They are doing renovations inside right now so you cannot go in.

We saw everything, met a lot of fun people and had a great time. Everyone was very friendly and for the most part I always felt safe and comfortable with my surroundings. Looking forward to my next trip! Minus the flight back home when I have never been more terrified that I was going to die (so thankful I wasn't one of the three that had to go the hospital that night).

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wow She is Good

I am a little behind on my blogging. I am going to attempt to get caught up.

Ashlynn had her dance recital on June 2nd. I know I am her mother, but I was so proud of how good she did. Marshal and I have both talked about trying to find her strengths She really likes dance, but every time parents were invited in to watch I would get so frustrated. She was not fun to watch. She tended to be so timid and unsure of herself that she would watch the teacher or other students throughout the entire dance.

However, at her recital she was the complete opposite. She did so great! She knew her dances and preformed her little heart out. I was a very proud momma. I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact her friend Benjamin came to watch her. What a sweet boy to come sit through 2 1/2 hours of boring dancing so he could watch my beautiful girl. Not only that, but he brought her roses and a pink stuffed kitten. He is a very sweet friend.
She also had her own little cheering section with her daddy and I, Nonnie and GeGe, Grandma and Grandpa, and Ms. Andrea ( Benjamin's mom).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Help Me Out

I need a little help deciding what appropriate pay back I should be expecting from Marshal.

This morning at 9 my phone rings. I of course am still in bed, awake, but in bed none the less. He informs me that he totally forgot that he signed me up to bring lunch for a birthday lunch at the office.

Having just gotten back from Colorado, I haven't been to the store and don't have anything to serve 15-20 people. I jump out of bed, throw on some shorts and a shirt, get clothes on the kids, brush everyone's teeth, run to Walmart, rush back home, fix the meat for chicken tacos, put together taco fixings, warm the shells, package it all up, run it to his office, and drive back home in time for Ashlynn's 11:00 swimming lessons. Oh and I even made time to drop off a little happy note on a friends car.

Feeling like super woman, but definitely thinking I deserve a big thank you. Thoughts?