Friday, March 23, 2012

Impressed, Not Impressed

Totally random things but the last two days I have been impressed and not so much.

 I have been putting off some blood work that I have needed to have done for about a month now. Yesterday seemed like as good of day as any to finally just get it over with. I already had a babysitter lined up, as I had a brunch to attend, and I am off work right now so off I went. Now, I should explain, I hate needles. I am sure no one just loves to have their blood drawn, but I do just about anything to get out of it. Just knowing I planned to go Thursday morning meant I tossed and turned all night Wednesday. Normally I have someone go with me to hold my hand and keep me brave. This time I was on my own. Some of you don't know how close I was to calling you and making you come with me.

Any way I get to the Mercy lab and to my dismay there are only two people ahead of me. Not that I really like sitting and waiting, but this meant my turn was coming up fast. The lady calls me back. I explain that there is a big possibility that I will pass out on her. She very sweetly turns a fan on and points it right at me. Then ask me to close my eyes. She starts describing the beach with the ocean waves and the breeze blowing.  She tells me to imagine a really hot guy walking toward me. No shirt, cold frozen drink with an umbrella. Next thing I know she says "All done, you ok?". Really, its over? Best blood test I've ever had. Although I did need a few more minutes with my hottie on the beach. HA! Any way if that wasn't impressive enough, by 3:20 yesterday afternoon I had a message in my inbox telling me my lab results. Wow-I've always had to wait at least a week before hearing anything, if  I ever hear anything at all. 

Today, not so impressed. Completely different subject. I love Easter. I love to decorate for Easter. I love to have my kids picture taken with live bunnies and have done so every year since Ashlynn was born. I usually just use a local place in downtown Rogers. They are not anything beyond fabulous. They are certainly not our Benfield pictures, but they are simple and I love them. We have had the same photographer for five years now and loved her. She is fun, easy going, and takes some very sweet simple photos of my children. This year, oh no, someone new. Not very friendly, not easy going, and not good with a two year old that isn't interested in getting his picture made.

Who me?
Jaxton wasn't going to have anything to do with it. Beautiful Ashlynn sat still and posed the entire time, while Jaxton kept saying " no momma, I don't want to". By golly I spent hours and hours in stores trying to find outfits that matched without being too matchy matchy" you are getting your picture made mister".

Any way I pushed the little man into the Easter scene and told the lady to click as quick as she could. He stayed for all of two seconds and refused to smile. I tried sneaking in and tickling him, but my hopes are very low that she got anything decent. Oh well it was only $16 and I got my yearly Easter pictures, like them or not. I do think I should ahve offered to leave Jaxton there for the day to give that young photographer some practice with little ones. She didn't seem to have a clue!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Little Spring Break Vacay

I relish the my time at home. I love spring break and summer break because I look forward to days at home, lounging with my kids, doing a whole lot of nothing. I have however, recently been made fun of for not getting out and experiencing the world. Hey what are friends for, right?  While I am not planning to turn into the world traveler he is, I did sit down and make a list of places I would like to go.

I looked at my list with Marshal and thought about where we could reasonably go over spring break. I wanted to ensure that the trip wouldn't be too long ( I would never dream of giving up all my days without having a few at home pajama days before break ended). We decided St. Louis would be the first place to mark off my list.

We loaded the kids up and headed that way Saturday morning.  The trip there wasn't the best. We got into a major lightening and hail storm. I was so thankful that Marshal was driving and stayed calm the whole time, because Lord knows I was a nervous wreck. It was clear we wouldn't be doing anything that afternoon as the weather was just so nasty. Thank goodness the hotel had a indoor pool. They also happen to be hosting a huge wedding which Ashlynn, Jaxton, and I manged to trample right through. Oh well I did at least refrain myself from asking for wedding cake. Ha!

Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful weather and headed downtown to start our morning off with breakfast a Roosters, a local place famous for their crepes.  Yum! I can see why. Delicious! Afterwards we headed to the City Museum. We had an absolute blast. It is a must do in St. Louis. I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the grownups. We crawled and climbed, slid down huge slides, swung from ropes, fell on our butts on some crazy ramps, ran in hamster wheels, and pretty much exhausted ourselves with laughter. Such an awesome place.

That afternoon we headed down to the arch. We wondered around outside for a while; as the weather was absolutely perfect. Then decided to head inside. We got in line to get tickets to ride the tram up to the top. We felt so lucky because we bought the last four tickets for the day. I was very excited about getting to go up in the arch. I couldn't wait to look down  630 feet to the ground. Getting to the top of the arch was not my favorite though. It was a long four minute ride up. I am not a fan of tight enclosed spaces, especially after the tram was running 45 minutes behind due to maintenance  issues. Ha! Any way it was very cool and Ashlynn and Jaxton seemed to love it. We finished  off the day by eating at Hodaks, which came highly recommended. I enjoyed it because it was a local restaurant,, however  I will say there was a lot of hype about the chicken and I didn't find it to be all that special.

Monday we went to breakfast at Chris' Pancakes, another local recommended restaurant. Then spent the day at The Magic House, the children's science museum. It was very neat. Everything was made specifically for children to explore. We finished that off with frozen custard at Ted Drewys and dinner at Rigazzi's, one of the many Italian restaurants on The Hill. 

We spent Tuesday morning driving around and just seeing St. Louis before heading back home. I wanted to make sure I felt like I really experienced St. Louis before I left. Happily I can say that I truly did and now check check onto the next place on my list.

Friday, March 16, 2012

A total Mommy Post: Happy Birthday Ashlynn

Happy seventh birthday to my beautiful Ashlynn! I cannot believe it has already been seven years! I distinctively remember sitting in a classroom on the ATU campus dreaming of baby names. One of my friends had written down on her doddle list of girl names Ashlyn and I fell in love with it with, but had to add an extra n because I like the way it looks better.  No worries I am not a name stealer. She loved many other names more and ended up naming her daughter Macey. Now today I have a seven year old. It truly doesn't seem possible.  The funny thing is, that college friend, I originally got the name from, had Macey eight days before Ashlynn was born.

Dress up outfit she got from Benjamin. I love her sassy pose!
I know I have told the story of Ashlynn's birth to many of you probably several times. You are going to have to just bare with me though; the older I get the more need I have to have a record of things. Ashlynn was born March 16, 2005, after being pregnant for what seemed like an eternity. I had been told from my first check, when I was already dilated to a 2, that I could and probably would have her anytime. That made for a very long wait. Each week I went in and was another centimeter dilated. Then one night I woke up with water everywhere. Marshal and I went to the hospital and got checked in. I was a 4 and 90%. They checked everything out and it didn't appear that I was in active labor so they sent me home. That was on Thursday night. I was not a happy pregnant girl at that moment in time. None the less I carried on went to work and everything as normal. When I went in for my scheduled doctors appointment on Tuesday the nurse took my blood pressure and was shocked. She kept taking it and taking it. She called over another nurse and used another blood pressure cuff. They all freaked out and sent me straight downstairs to the hospital because my blood pressure was so high. They couldn't believe I wasn't having a stroke. I felt absolutely fine though. Well as long as I laid on my left side my blood pressure went back down within normal limits. So yep they sent me home again! That night I couldn't sleep. My stomach just felt so heavy and I was just so uncomfortable. I kept getting up to go to the bathroom to see if that helped. Then all the sudden around 4 a.m. it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was holding on to the door frame and wow, but I really didn't want to go to the hospital and get sent home for a third time. If it wouldn't have been Marshal insisting that we go I wouldn't have. By the time we get to the hospital Ashlynn was already coming out. I could feel her crowning. No one believed me and everyone just kept telling me to calm down and they would be with me in a minute. I finally told Marshal to go get a nurse because I was going to start pushing. The nurse moseyed on in there and finally agreed to check me. Well the second she did she flipped out, pushed the help button, which happens to be right next to the t.v. button, the television comes on and she is screaming that I am having this baby right now. You think maybe that's what I meant when I said the baby is coming out? Ok sorry. Any way Dr. Bailey comes in, in time to catch Ashlynn and lucky for him the morning recap of the basketball games were on so as I was looking at him to get some reassurance that everything was going ok; all I saw was the back of his head. Very comforting to a first time mom. Ha!

The way Ashlynn came into the world should have been my first clue. She is independent, will do things in her own way, and when she wants something to happen she will make it happen right then. I love every bit of that spicy little girl!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One of Those Nights

I have been eating like a crazy woman this week. I don't know what has gotten into me.( Melissa please stop reading now!) Monday I ate two cupcakes, six girl scout cookies, two pieces of pizza, three bread sticks, and finished that off with a cinnamon cookie. Bad thing about it- I felt great and could have continued eating. Sunday and Wednesday nights are my long run nights (4 miles-ha don't laugh), but I think they are hurting me more than helping me because I am just so hungry the next day.
Any way I am totally getting off the subject.  Last night was just one of those nights. I was tired,  a little grouchy from my day, and knowing that Marshal had meetings so I would be a single mom, made me feel like I deserved something yummy and chocolaty and warm. Aw that could only mean one thing at my house...Fudge Spoon Pie. Yum! One of my favorites. In fact I have probably made it for some of you out there just as an excuse to eat some myself.

So easy so yummy! You start with a square of unsweetened chocolate and one stick butter. Melt them together.
Once they have melted you add one cup sugar, 1/2 cup flour, two eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla. Stir it together and put in a greased 8X8 baking dish. Bake for 22 minutes at 325 and you have gooey warm chocolate yumminess.

Top it with ice cream and suddenly all seems right in the world.

Well today is Wednesday-wonder what I will stuff in my mouth today?  Gee I just can't figure out why I can't seem to lose these 7 lbs. Can you? HA!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Praying Out Loud

Dear God,
You are an amazing God. I have seen you work in my life in ways that I know I don't deserve. I am not worthy of the love you give me. It wouldn't surprise me one bit for you to take me by the arms and shake me and say child "what in the world are you thinking". However, I know that I can trust you. That there is nothing I can say or do that will make you not love me. To know that you love me more than I love my own children is awesome to me. Lord, I need you now. I am alone and letting the worries of my day get to me. I know your word tells me not to worry, but I can't seem to get that through my head right now.  I made a big decision today.A decision I have already discussed with you and feel like you lead me to. I know that it is the right thing for Ashlynn. I have no doubt in the decision, yet it hurts. Selfishly I am heartbroken and I don't understand. I don't know what to do and am having a hard time being patient waiting for your plan. Thank you God for being big enough to handle my tiny little problems while still looking out for the big problems.

Lord I ask that you be with the people that work with Heather. Lord just surround them with your peace in their future. I thank you for continuing to be with Sherri's dad,that he continues to take baby steps towards recovery and that his family be given a sense of comfort to know that you are working in their lives. I pray for Juli and Bo that they have safe travels and Bo rocks his marathon. I thank you for Jean's amazing strength in fighting her cancer and thank you for showing yourself through her. Lord be with my dad.

In your name I ask these things. Amen.