Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh my Mercy!

I feel like every time I turn around Jaxton is doing something where all I can say is "Oh my mercy." He makes me want to pull my hair out and hug him to pieces all at the same time. I thought pictures could show you better than words what it is that I am referring to.  Most of the pictures were taken with my phone as that was the quickest thing I could grab to catch him in the act.

Mommy makes a perfect bed for a nap.

Coloring on the floor with markers. I just want to show everyone what a great artist I am.

Who needs plates anyway? After 10 years it's about time for someone to break one.

Don't worry Ty loves it. Just look how excited he is to be getting extra Jaxton attention.

I may be all boy, but I give the sweetest snuggles to my momma.

What can make running around the house naked more fun?
Chasing the cat.
Just getting comfy at AQ. What great table manners I have.
Why would I play with my toys when I can climb across the dinning room table for fun?

There is my baby boy. He makes me smile! And yes I really should be packing and not blogging....