Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jaxton Turns Six

Yikes, I am a little behind (or a lot behind) on blogging. I seem to be behind on a lot lately. I am going to blame it on work, because I certainly don't want to blame it on myself. Ha!

Ok, on with the party. This year Jaxton wanted to have his birthday party at Fast Lane. I have to admit, at first I was a little disappointed. He has been my at home party boy. I have gone all out the last couple of years turning our home into party central for him. When he said he wanted to have his party at Fast Lane, I didn't have a clue how to throw out some cupcakes and be done with it. In the end I was so extremely thankful I didn't have too much more than that to do, because look at me- I am a total mess. Good grief it's taking me over a month to get this blog posted.

Jaxton's party couldn't have been more perfect. Not because Fast Lane is an amazing party destination, and not because I am a stellar party planner, but because we were surrounded by people we truly love. Marshal and I are so blessed to live in a neighborhood where we and our kids have built amazing friendships.

So amazing I spent most of my time talking and hardly any of my time taking pictures...whoops...

Oh I am so good at turning these Sams Club cupcakes into amazing dinosaur cupcakes. Ha!

Dinosaur excavation kit party favors. Marshal had no faith that these were going to turn out. What child doesn't want to dig dinosaurs out of dirt?

And of course the only picture I took in laser tag, was my amazing leggings. Well because that's what any good mom would do right?

On Jaxton's actual birthday, November 12th, Ashlynn had to work Aviator Games (their version of a fall carnival) at her school because she is on student council. Marshal and I went with her to that, and my mom and dad took Jaxton to his favorite restaurant, Red Onion, to eat.

I think Jaxton's day was still special.

No he didn't eat all of this at once.

Happy Birthday Jaxton! I am so excited you are six!