Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nowhere else I'd Rather Be

And here I thought the only reason he loved my bed was because he got to snuggle with me. Ha!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My baby's baby

When Ashlynn was a baby we got a sweet little soft baby doll as a baby gift. I put that baby in her crib and she fell in love just as I had hoped. Madelyn is part of the family just the way my Thedore is. Madelyn sleeps with Ashlynn every night, rides to school with us in the morning, and travels with Ashlynn anytime she spends the night somewhere other than home. Ashlynn also has her flower b (blanket) that she loves and goes with her and Madelyn wherever they are.

Jaxton came along and I wanted the same for him. My mom found this sweet little soft frog and I took the same steps as I did with Ashlynn hoping that that would become his baby. I wasn't sure with a boy how that would work out but Marshal has told me all about his pillow that he loved when he was little so I thought the frog was worth a shot. Well Jaxton could care less. He barely gave that frog a second look. I did, quite by accident, discover he has a favorite blanket. That blue and white afghan is his love. You better not find yourself anywhere too far away from it or a meltdown will occur. In fact washing it has become a little challenging. He will just stand by the washer and say "b, I want my b". Any way I am all good with that. It is sweet and I know one day many years down the road I will cherish that blanket that my little boy loved so much.

What I wasn't expecting was for my son to have a baby. Pepo entered our lives on Christmas morning as a gift for Ashlynn. Pepo, known to the rest of the world as Penbo the Interactive Penguin, was the must have Christmas gift Ashlynn had asked for. I had to search website after website to order that darn thing and was so excited when I found one because I knew Ashlynn was going to be thrilled. Ashlynn opened it and was in fact thrilled. We got it out of the box immediately and started playing with it. What I wasn't expecting is Jaxton to fall madly in love with it the minute he saw it. From that minute one, baby Pepo (as he has named it) sleeps with him, eats with him, watches t.v. with him, and goes everywhere he goes. Most place Pepo has to stay in the car as Pepo has not learned when it is appropriate to be quiet. Jaxton makes me bathe Pepo, Pepo has to have his teeth brushed, diaper change, and everything. Peop even has his (or her considering it is hot pink) blanket.

I feel like I have a grandchild at the age of 31. HA!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Highlights

I am such a loser mom when it comes to recording my babies memories. I know with Ashlynn, things would happen and I would think "I will never forget this". Well she is only seven and I have to admit I don't remember them like I wish I did. Really it's the small things I long to remember the most. My friend Katy is such a fabulous mom and so creative. She keeps a daily journal for her little one just to remember the fun times that each day brings.

I am not that fabulous but there are a few things about my sweet peas that I truly cherish and don't want to forget. Here are the highlights of the small moments I wish I could bottle up and keep forever.


Baby girl isn't so baby anymore. She will be seven in a little less than a month.When I got pregnant with Jaxton I wanted so very badly to have a boy, only because I couldn't ever imagine Ashlynn not being my baby girl. She is so darn smart. She cracks me up with how grown up she talks and thinks. The other day we were making cards to go to the nursing home and she was using glue and glitter. The glue got outside of the heart she was making a little bit so she said " mom I messed up, but I think it will be ok because old people can't see very good anyways". Ha! She is also a fabulous reader. I absolutely love listening to her read. She is getting good at adding expression to her reading and it is truly making it entertaining to listen to her. Another thing I don't want to forget about my sweet girl is how much she loves her baby brother. I absolutely adore it (and honestly am a little jealous at times that I never had a sibling). Recently Jaxton had RSV. He was so sick and so pitiful. Ashlynn was so kind and gentle with him. She even cried about not wanting her baby brother to be sick. It melts my heart in all kinds of mushy ways.


Oh my, where to begin on that big ball of cuteness. My favorite time of the day with him is after bath. Every night I get him out of the bath and take him to his changing table to get his pjs on. He went through a wiggly worm stage around six months, so to try and get him to lay still so I could get his diaper on straight, I started a little game with him where I would grab his toes and nibble on them. I would always say "mmmmm that's a good toe snack". Pretty much every night we have continued this pattern. he sticks his feet up in the air and giggles. I love it now because as soon as I lay him on the changing table he gets his feet ready and say "momma you want Jaxton toe snack".  It just cracks me up. Then we read his bedtime story, which is always the same. Right now he is stuck on Vroom Vroom, and Mickey Mouse clubhouse books. Then every night he says "Jesus momma" and we sing Jesus Loves Me together. As soon as we are finished the next words out of his mouth are " Now I lay me" and we say our prayers. It is just such a special time and I love it.

They may not always be little, but they will always be my babies.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Day Late and a Dollar Short, or Maybe Not

Yesterday was Valentine's day and I have to say it wasn't my favorite. First of all, I forgot to reset my alarm after the snow day and woke up at 7:00. I got ready in the matter of 12 minutes and Ashlynn and I were out the door. Then, well let's face it, being a kindergarten teacher on party day is exhausting. I spent all day running around like a crazy woman. By the time school was over all I wanted to do was climb in bed. That unfortunately wasn't an option as my two children needed my attention.

Ashlynn had dance and Marshal had a meeting so there was really no time to go home after work. Ashlynn, Jaxton and I were out running errands when around 4:00 I get a call from the florist asking if I was still at work. Ummmm no! Long, ugly, me crying, story later-they were not able to deliver my flowers Great! Happy Valentines day to me, right?

Now, I am not a huge fan of flowers on Valentines day in the first place. I wanted to tell the florist to forget it and just refund my husband his money. I just think flowers on valentines day are just such a generic gift. No thought, no effort, just an easy check off on a guys list. See I told you, my valentines day was just not looking so great.  Lets chalk this one up to over and better luck next year....but wait, the day isn't quite over.

Marshal decided to surprise the kids and I by meeting us at Chick-Fil-a. Sure it was only for 15 minutes, but it was 15 minutes I wasn't expecting. Then he left a little gift on the table just before heading out the door. The gift was a cd of some of my favorite songs. More importantly inside the gift was a card. A very nice card that he personally wrote a very sweet and thoughtful message. Then my sweet baby boy said " Happy Valentines day momma, I love you momma". ( I tried and tried to get him to repeat this for me to video but no luck on that on-you just have to trust me it was cute). Suddenly things were starting to look up.

As for the flowers; the florist delivered them today. They were beautiful lavender roses that my husband had special ordered. Lavender roses are my favorite! I used them in our wedding. The fact that he had the foresight to order them weeks in advance and did put thought and effort into them, erased my whole I hate flowers on Valentines day theory. In fact I didn't get flowers on valentines day at all. Ha!

What seemed to be a terrible day turned into a wonderful day in which I felt very very loved!

Side note from my personal valentines day: One of my sweet little girl's dads did this for her for valentines day.

Such a sweet lunch set up in the SCE school cafeteria. Cutest thing ever!

Watch out boys, she is going to have some high standards in the romance department!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I know you've missed me

Where in the world have you been? 

I have missed blogging soooo much! What started out as a very unintentional break, ended in me being so far behind, every time I wanted to blog I would feel overwhelmed and just never got to it. You will all be thrilled to know-I'm back! 

Since the whole reason I blog in the first place, is to keep a record of my family and our lives, I am going to do a quick recap, so I can feel like after today I can get back to my normal random thoughts. 

Let's start where I left off.... Ok house sold two weeks after being put on the market. New owners wanted us out in three weeks. We went house shopping, fell in love, made an offer and all was looking great. We were scheduled to close on our new house Oct. 14th. Because I hate taking days off work we made an agreement with the owners of our new house that we could move everything into the garage the weekend before we closed. I packed suitcase that contained enough stuff for our family to live on for four days.Everything else was packed and moved into our new garage on Oct.8th. Very long, very ugly, story short we closed on our new house Nov. 18th. Yep that's right, 6 weeks of living with four days worth of clothes, no food, no beds, no nothing. It was an adventure I don't ever want to repeat. For a girl that isn't fond of camping, I came up with some very creative ways to cook, clean, and do laundry. 

That was the start of my blogging break. I didn't have a computer for six weeks. Then, being the smart girl I always am, decided it was a wonderful idea to host three Christmas parties. The first one was scheduled three weeks after we moved in. Marshal and I worked non stop unpacking and decorating the house. Of course I had to have everything just so so before I would allow people in my house. 

 What can I say...holidays, Grandma Watson passing, new house projects, and exhausted have lead to today-the end of my blogging break. 

Now for picture catch up time....  

Pumpkin Patch Fun with friends. 

 Halloween. My little monkey and rock star. 
Jaxton's 2nd birthday party in our very empty house. The kids thought it was fabulous!

Christmas-Ashlynn being a present.  

Opening the stockings. Ashlynn even opened the animals stockings for them! 

It feels great to be caught up. Stayed tuned-new house pictures coming soon!