Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Walmart

Today Ashlynn and I went to the opening of the new Walmart Neighborhood Market. No we are not crazy; just had to get out of the house so a realtor could show it (come on house please sell). Any way we had a fabulous time. Free cake, free coke, and a free water bottle with lots of fun samples in it. I love NWA! We have new stores opening all the time and to me there is nothing better then shopping at a fresh, new, clean store. It seems like up here every store tries to be more upscale than the last, which of course I love because I truly believe I was a rich girl born in a poor girls life. Kidding so Kidding, but I do so love nice new things! Here are a few pictures I snapped at our outing. I know right now you are thinking I sooooo need to get a life, right?
Ok on a serious note. My mom and I were talking today and of course our conversations are never complete without talking about Miss Ashlynn and how much we want her to be healed and how sorry we feel for her and ourselves. Well today after that conversation she begun to tell me about a young lady that goes to our church and the struggles she is having with "being different" than everyone else. Some of her peers have been taking advantage of her differences and using them for their entertainment. This particular young lady already has so many struggles. Her mother is very sick and everyday is thankful for one more day she gets to spend with her family. I would like you to join me today in praying for our teenage girls. I know I get so caught up in the difficulties of the "adult" world that I forget that being a teenage girl is very very hard. So today please say a quick prayer with me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Trip

This weekend we went to Dallas for a surprise birthday party for Melissa!!! Happy 30th!!! We had a blast. Marshal and I stayed with some friends in their cute condo and just had a fabulous trip.

I know it is sad to say , but i think that our favorite part of the trip was eating at Jack In The Box! I know sad...but you know how Marshal and I love our food!!! We grew so attached to Jack In The Box when we lived in Baton Rouge that we get so excited when we see one and no matter what time it is our when we last ate we stop and stuff ourselves with all of our old favorites! What was funny this trip was that there was a group of people sitting at a table behind us that all started laughing when we sat down. I was like "are my pants unzipped or do I have something on my nose", but then they came over and told us that they saw us pull up in the parking lot with our Arkansas license plate and said "yep, I bet those people are coming in to get them some tacos" and sure enough Marshal order tacos(his absolute favorite) so they all started laughing. They used to live in Louisiana as well and have moved to Tulsa. So I they crave them some Jack in the Box as well! What can I say it really is some of the best fast food ever!

After our fun weekend we got to come home and spend Father's day evening with my parents. her is a picture of Ashlynn on her new slip and slide, which I am sure my little angel talked her Ge-Ge in to buying for her with one little sweet smile. No he's not wrapped around her finger at all.....HA!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Powerful Words

Today I met a friend for lunch and I don't think a one hour conversation could have gotten any deeper than the conversation we had. She may not even realize it ,but she said some things during that lunch that stopped me right in my tracks and I haven't stopped thinking about them since.

One of the biggest things she said is that she feels like know one even realizes how much she is hurting. What got me on this comment is that I felt that exact way after losing the baby. I was so hurt and so angry at so many of my friends who I felt just sat back and didn't push to help when I was hurting so bad. What I realized today is that they honestly had no idea because I refused to let them in. What I realized with my friend telling me of the struggles she is going through is that we have completely switched places. She is hurting and I am not pushing to help her because I had no idea how bad she was hurting. I guess I am saying all of this today to say-take a minute today to think about all of the friends in your life. Push to let them know you love them know matter what the excuse is. In my opinion relationships are the greatest gift God has given us on this earth.

This friend has been with me from day one with Ashlynn. In fact she was a very close friend before Ahlynn was even thought of. Anyways the point is she has know the struggles I have faced with Ashlynn's dysfunctional voiding from the very beginning. Recently she told me that God was telling her about a book she need to buy me. First of all that meant so much to me. I know so many times I allow myself to be so busy that I don't listen to God and the things he is trying to tell me. So I find it so special that he shared my needs with someone that could actually get through to me. I am telling you what I have only read the introduction and the day one devotional and am already convinced that everyone that is dealing with any type of struggles needs this book. I have actually heard of it (Sarah, haven't you talked about it on your blog?) but never thought two things about it. It is Rain on Me by Holley Gerth. Needless to say i am so excited to go through this devotional for the next 39 days!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surprise Surprise!

I know over a month since I have posted. I am terrible at this! I kept telling myself once school was out I would get better at this and then last week I couldn't bring myself to do anything, but veg out and enjoy my time with Ashlynn. Then this week comes along and seriously how did it get to be Wednesday already??? YIKES!

Ok enough with the excuses. Yesterday was Marshal and My 8th Anniversary! I can't believe it. We had a wonderful dinner at the River Grille. We have gone there for the last three years. The last two years we have seen this cute older couple there celebrating their anniversary too. They weren't there this year and I have to say I was a little sad. I think they told us last year they had been married 56 years!

Well, I don't know if you can tell in the picture but I do have a little baby bump! I am sure some of you guessed that might be my reasoning for the lack of post lately. I make a terrible pregnant person. I get soooooooo sick and have to take prescription meds to keep the vomiting to a minimum. So needless to say I feel pretty darn rotten most of the time. With Ashlynn it all ended at 20 weeks. I am 18 weeks now and feeling much better, but still not great.

To be honest I have had more than one reason not to post. I have been truly sick, but I also don't think I trust this pregnancy thing yet. Therefore, I felt like it was easier not to post than to post about being pregnant. I know it sounds silly,but to have it in writing is actually very hard for me. I have had two ultrasounds and heard the heartbeat three times and everything is looking great. However, I can't seem to get over this fear that I will have another miscarriage. So even through the vomiting, the little baby kicks, the ever expanding belly, I don't really think of myself being pregnant. I guess I am so scared to get attached to this baby that I just won't really let myself think about being pregnant. I know- sounds ridiculous!

I am also so worried about how this well effect everyone else. I have three really good friends that are trying desperately to get pregnant. And I know that they will all make awesome moms someday. I struggle so much with the "Why's" that sometimes I think I could actually drown myself in questions. I trust God and know that he has a plan for everyone. I guess I just don't know how to handle the pain of waiting on his timing. Praying for peace and patience for everyone that is in the process of waiting.........