Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rocky Moutain High Colordao

Marshal and I just got back from a little Colorado get away. Our friend, Ethan, has an uncle, with a gorgeous cabin in Nederland, which is just to the west of  Boulder.

The bear liked to roam around the cabin while we were away. You just never knew where he might show up next.

We were excited to get to go and enjoy some of the beauty spring time in Colorado has to offer. We really made the most of our four days there. We visited downtown Boulder, where we ate and did a little shopping and got to go see the Flatirons. The mountains were beautiful.

I wasn't really feeling all that fabulous Friday. I am not sure if it was the change in altitude or if I was just exhausted from not sleeping, but I decided to skip out on the extended shopping time and head back to the cabin with the guys so I could take a nap. Let's be honest there is not much I love more than a nap.  We got back to the cabin just to discover that we didn't have a key to get in. So instead of a nap I got the pleasure of spending guy time with the guys in the woods. They were all pretty great, but I am definitely not a guys girl.  Nothing like a little beer drinking around a fire and a good game of Kan Jam.  Honestly, do guys have no limits? I am told they kept it mild on my account. I would hate to be a fly on the wall during real guy time. Ha!

Who doesn't rock climb in flip flops?

Saturday we went to Estes Park. This was really neat for me because this is where I visited the first time I went to Colorado with my parents. We went down the big slide, which I remember doing about a thousand times when I was younger.  I think I was much better at it then. This time I went down the first hump, my butt lifted of the slide and my foot slid off the blanket giving me a huge blister on my heel.  It really hurt and made for a long afternoon.

We followed  Estes Park up with a trip over to Fort Collins for a small batch beer festival at Odell Brewing Company.

Yes that is water in my hand. I tried the beer, but just couldn't do it ( even though looking at this picture it looks like I have a massive beer gut the way my shirt is scrunched up, attractive I know).

On Sunday we drove up to the Rocky Mountain National Park. This was by far my favorite day of the trip. We got to see elk, deer, and chipmunks. Oh the chipmunks were the cutest things ever! I so tried to catch one to bring home with me, but the darn things were so fast. They would come right up to you and sniff your hand, but then they ran off.  I just know the fat little one would have loved living at my house.

We drove up to the top of the mountain. It was so cold and there was still lots of snow on the ground. The wind was unbelievable. It was literally pushing you along the path. I felt like at any minute I was just going to become a human kite. Thank goodness for that beer gut from earlier, right? Had I weighed just five pounds less I am sure I would have been a goner.

It was seriously beautiful up there.

On our way back down the mountain we stopped at Winter Park for a late lunch before heading to Black Hawk for a little casino time. Black Hawk was really a neat little town, very old, but really neat little casinos everywhere. I was thrilled to leave the casino with $22.75 more than I walked in there with, never mind the fact that at one point I was up by $100.

Heading home Monday we got to spend a little time in Denver and eat at a really cute little burger place in the downtown area. All I have to say is if I invite you over for burgers and you find peanut butter as one of the topping choices, don't ask questions, because I hear it's really fabulous.

Thanks Ethan and Sarah, and the rest or the group for a fun little Colorado vacay!
Love the time stamp on this. Ha!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Lectures Can Stop: Doctor's Visit

If you haven't been around me when I have passed out, well just wait,  I am sure it will happen soon. I pass out frequently and honestly it is no big deal. I feel bad for a few minutes and then I get over it and on with my day. This seems to really upset a lot of you. I have had lecture after lecture about how that is not normal and I need to go to the doctor. I know it is only out of love for me and I appreciate it.

After over ten years of hearing this, I finally went to the doctor today. Drum roll official diagnose is Vasovagal Syncope, which is official doctor language for there isn't a darn thing wrong with me. Ok ok that isn't exactly what it means, but basically there isn't anything I need to do and nothing I really need to worry about. What is happening is my blood pressure suddenly drops ,by around 20 points according to the testing done today, and it causes me to black out. It happens when I change positions-sitting to standing, laying down to sitting up, etc.  As soon as my blood pressure goes back up I am able to recover and feel fine.

As part of the testing I had an EKG. Great news there. My heart is very strong and healthy and he could tell that I faithfully work out. Whoop Whoop Melissa you should be so proud! Any way I still fully expect lectures about something, because we all know I can't be expected to behave myself all the time, but as for my passing out just slap me around for a few minutes and know we will both feel better soon. Ha!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sticks and Stones

If I could climb a mountain and yell it I would; I Andrea Michelle Hudlow Watson have never been more proud of my dad than I am right now. To know that he stood up for what was right instead of the easy road, just makes me beam with pride. This road is not going to be easy. It has been painful and harsh. I, however, find it so easy to stand strong with dignity and grace because I was raised by a man with strong Christian values and a deep respect for the truth. I cannot express to you how truly heartwarming it is to receive the support that my parents and I have received over the last several days. The notes, emails, calls, and texts, have meant everything to us. Some have come from the most unexpected places. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt God speaking through your words and actions. It just proves to me that my mom and dad truly have made an impact with their lives, loving and giving to the people that surround them. I feel so blessed and hope that I possess at least a fraction of their goodness.

Now, remember that dignity and grace I talked about earlier? Let's forget about that for just one moment while my GCB (love that show) side comes out. I have discovered that, the momma bear syndrome I have for my children, I also have for my parents. I look forward to the day I can look some people in eye and see if they are able to look back at me.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Great Potty Tour of NWA

Jaxton is in full blown potty training mode. I have been fighting this for a while for a couple of reasons. First, I want him to be a baby. I know he is growing up, but I am just not ready. It is so different than how I was with Ashlynn. I couldn't wait for her to meet and accomplish every stage. With him, I just want to stop and savor everything.

Second, and almost as important, I hate public restrooms. So gross!!! I am honestly good with Jaxton wearing diapers until he is 16 if it means I can avoid the public restrooms and all its gross germs.

Jaxton seems to know that this drives me crazy because it doesn't matter where we are or how long we are there he has to go to the bathroom. He could have just gone at Walmart, but if we go into the bank right across the street he ask to go again. Half the time he goes and half the time he doesn't. I believe I have seen every public restroom in NWA over the last month. I always hate to tell him no because what if this is the one time he really does need to go again? When I try and discourage him he just gets louder and louder and announces to everyone around that he needs to go poop poo in the potty. 

How can I get my son to stop wanting to go to the bathroom every where we go? What does he find so fun about going to every potty in town?

Oh he is such a mess. My little mess and I love him!