Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Send Off to Remember

If you haven't heard by now...I am a First Grade Teacher! Whoa, I don't think I am use to that yet. Yet, it is so exciting, right!

And if you haven't heard by now.... I am a total pain in the butt! No seriously....

This quote couldn't be any more accurate. Anytime,I get scared that I might get hurt, I push everyone around me away...just as hard as I can. It isn't fair. It isn't right. I know better, yet I do it anyway.

Even though I am truly excited about going to first grade, the reality of it all, was really hard on me. First, it means I have to send Jaxton to kindergarten without me. Never even imaged that would happen. Second, there was some ugly adult mean girl gossip concerning the situation that I allowed to consume me. It hurt....really, really hurt. Third, and absolutely by far the hardest thing, it meant I had to leave my kindergarten team.

While some have come and gone, I will never forget walking up in front of a room full of incoming kindergarten students and parents and Missi Pittman making me sing and dance to some song I had never heard before, where you close your eyes, stick out your tongue, and put your booty in the air. I was so embarrassed, but that May in 2006 I became a part of a team, a family, a group of women that I will always be blessed to call mine.

Leaving that team made my heart hurt something terrible. I would absolutely love to say I handled it with grace and dignity, but I didn't. I pushed them all away and shut them out thinking it would somehow hurt less. They however, showered me with love, even though I didn't deserve it. My last day,as a part of that kindergarten team, couldn't have been more perfect. Those women are amazing!

Amy gave me the gift of sun tan and and lotion, with the real meaning being enjoy your summer, relax, life is too short to worry about stuff. Amy would say " It really is all going to be ok." All I have to say is Fun Fridays are still a thing and I have two windows in my room that let in lots of sun so I think you should come visit me LOTS!

Tammy gave me the gift of chocolate. One chocolate ball for each day of school next year. Yep 178 chocolate balls! I don't know how I will make it without my morning chats with Tammy. She always starts the day with a smile and says " alright girls we can do this. " I also think sometimes Tammy, you might just need a second lunch, you know during kindergarten recess, first grade lunch....

Oh Juli. I don't even know what to say. Juli and I are the same kind of crazy. These are my favorite pencils with her favorite pens. We never go anywhere without hand sanitizer and she got me obsessed with the twisted peppermint scent. And well the egg chap stick, I am pretty sure was invented by someone that saw Juli and I trying to use carmex by sticking our whole lip down in the tub so we wouldn't have to touch it with our fingers. When it comes to planing, Juli is the other side of my brain. Juli may not know it, but I so signed her up for vertical teaming with me, even if that isn't really a thing at my school right now.

Sherri gave me citrus oil. I can tell you I have been very thankful for Sherri and her oils this year with all of the many different smells we had going on. Ha! I took this bottle home and decided to set it back with my school stuff. I thought it would be a great thing to start my year off with in my new room. Sherri told me " Andrea, when kids grow up and leave their family, their family doesn't love them any less. We won't love you any less just because you've moved." This oil will kind of be like taking a little piece of home with me.

Schonda gave me a gift certificate to get a new summer book to read. You know, I have known Schonda for years and years. We used to just talk about fun things like the girly books we were reading. This year having her as part of the kindergarten team has been such a blessing. I have learned so much from her and the wisdom of her life experiences. She has an amazing heart and I am just so thankful to have gotten to have that deeper friendship with her. You better still come see me!

Then, what made my heart so so happy, was to be able to go to lunch with my kindergarten team and my new first grade team all together. I could not have asked for a better send off and the words thank you don't seem like enough. I love you girls, always will!