Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Destin 2013

This was our first year back in Destin after two years of vacations elsewhere. It felt really great to be back to our vacation " home". While I love visiting new places there is also something really great about the familiarity of the known.

This year the weather was a little iffy with rain and storms here and there, but overall it was a nice week and we spent lots of time on the beach just hanging out. I am really hoping that isn't a sign as to how old I am getting. I use to hate just laying around on the beach. I got bored quickly and was ready to do something else. This year I didn't want to do anything other than just lay there literally all day long. Then again when you can buy frozen drink bags and pineapple with Malibu in a can from the local Walmart to take with you to the beach, why wouldn't you love just laying there all day.

(And yes I can't go anywhere without peanut butter. )

The kids loved being at the beach this year too. Jaxton played mostly in the sand and shoreline while Ashlynn became the boogie board queen.

Ashlynn and I also went parasailing. We got to see several sting rays and a lobster. I loved getting a little mommy daughter time. I also happen to enjoyed the view the hottie 21 year old boat driver provided, well that is until he called me ma'am. ( Ugh thanks for making me feel old.)

We didn't all have a completely fabulous trip. Marshal got a pretty good sunburn. I know I am going to be in so much trouble for sharing this, but seriously who wants to grow old and regret not documenting this stuff.

Ok so I may not be the best person to ask to apply your spray on sunscreen. Ha! Whoops....

Luckily he got a little more sunburned each day so by the end of the week really he just looked hot pink all over. Before you start feeling too sorry for him he has talked me into rubbing him down with lotion every morning and every night for the last week. Seriously, I don't see anyone giving me that kind of star treatment.

Another thing I love about Destin is the restaurants. I mean hello yumminess. Stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon with hollandaise sauce.

I pretty much at crab every other night, but I didn't take any pictures of it. By Saturday I was literally stuffed full of crab meat. Ha!

Feeding the gators at Fudpuckers.

And Marshal teaching the kids how to order at the bar.

Harbor Walk fun.

Watching the fireworks at the harbor was absolutely beautiful.

Awe he does love me sometimes.

Baytown Wharf Kids night and The Track.

Indoor fun during the rainy day.

Feeling blessed for a wonderful week to enjoy my beautiful family!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Summarized

June flew by crazy quick! The kids and I were also crazy busy.
I spent the first week in June attending staff development classes and another two weeks in June getting my TESS training complete. If you know what TESS training is, I am sooooo sorry. If you don't just be happy with that and don't ask.
On to the fun we managed to squeeze in....
Trips to the Library.

Picnics in the Park.

Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School.

Cooking desserts together.

Jaxton's Potty Party at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate becoming night time potty trained.

Mommy children lunch date at Rick's. (Did you know they also have avocados for their sandwiches? Cake and avocados all in one place makes me one happy girl!)

Lunch dates with GeGe in the park.

Long days that turned into late nights at the pool.

So long Jaxton fell asleep in the floor while waiting for the water to get warm in the shower. ( I know you are so jealous of my stellar parenting skills. Hey you can't all be as good as me so just get over it and move on. Ha!)

Picking out the perfect Father's Day gifts.

Girl Time.

Soccer Camp.

Preschool Picasso Art Camp.

Ashlynn had camp too. I just failed to take her picture. Yikes bad mom!
Ashlynn also had dance tryouts for performing company at All That Dance. I am so proud of her! She made the home team and I couldn't be happier for her. (This momma isn't ready for travel dance yet. ) She and I were dancing queens learning those audition routines together. I think I even impressed Marshal with my hidden dance talent. Ha! And once again no pictures from her tryouts, but here is a picture from May recital so I don't look like a complete loser.

Teaching Jaxton the important things in life.

Ok there are real lessons being learned too. Jaxton has learned 16 letters this month. Makes a momma kindergarten teacher so happy!

Summer time family movies.

Late night rides in the jeep. Loving having the top off.

And of course just great times with great friends.

July please go slower....
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