Sunday, September 29, 2013

Terrific 33

I have had an absolutely fabulous birthday! Thank you all for the sweet FB messages. Each one made me smile! As it turns out Sunday is a pretty great day for your birthday to fall on. It was like I had a birthday weekend not just a single day.

Saturday night Marshal and I, along with our Sunday school class took a meal to the families staying at the Ronald McDonald house at Mercy Hospital. I will have to blog about this ministry more very soon. I am really excited about it!

After taking the meal, Marshal took me out on a dinner date. It was nice to have some alone time with my super fabulous husband. I got to have two of my favorite foods,steak and chocolate creme brûlée. Hello yumminess!

Sunday morning I got to sleep in a little it bit because I only had me to get ready for church. Thank you mom and dad for letting the kids spend the night. At Sunday school I got a big surprise- Chocolate cake! Thank you Chuck! Even if you tried to convince everyone I was turning 40, I love you and appreciate you more than words can express. I was also super excited to have our friends Erin and Shane come for a visit. It was so great to see them (Minus the fact they were back in town to cheer on the Aggies. I forgive them because they do live in Texas and tried to be good Razorback fans while living here.)

After church and lunch we got to go shopping a little bit. The weather was so perfect today. It felt great to just be outside. Then we came home for a nap. Awe napping you make me smile like nothing else!

My parents took us out to dinner and then we all came back to our house for cake and presents. In case you all were wondering, yes Marshal got me a cake. It's really kind of adorable. He bought me a cake made to feed 40 people. Ha! I know! Sweet man just wanted to make sure I had all the cake my little heart and belly could hold. Love!

Completely random, I also passed level 79 on Candy Crash. So stupid I know, but it made me smile. I got addicted to playing on the drive to Florida this summer. Then,I got stuck on level 79. I have hardly played since school started. Even when I did play I was getting bored out of my mind because I couldn't pass that dumb level.

While this also had absolutely nothing to do with my birthday, the timing just worked out where my parents gave me a goody bag from a local charity event they helped with. Who doesn't love a good goody bag. And this one was the goody bag to top all goody bags! Thank you local vendors. I had a blast going through all these samples.

I can't end this post without showing you the card my daughter made all by herself. Wow she is something else!

Haha! Oh that girl!

My husband also left a birthday note on my pillow. I am telling you total sweetness from him. Love that man so much and I even kind of like him sometimes. That's a joke.... maybe.

Happy to be 33!

Monday, September 23, 2013

40 What?

I have several friends in their forties. And I will admit that it doesn't seem as old as it use to. However, it still feels really strange. I can remember, in great detail, helping my mom plan my dad's surprise 40th birthday party (which was a rocking awesome party by the way). While, I still have 7 years and 5 days until my big 40, several of my friends are already there or at least getting closer to it by the day.

A couple of weeks ago our friend Daniel turned 40. We were super excited to get to celebrate with him. I have mentioned this before, but he and Melissa travel with his job so we hardly ever get to see them. I think we could have had a blast at a creek in the middle of no where in Gentry, AR just because it would mean getting to spend time with our friends. We did however trade in Gentry for Kansas City and had a fabulous time.

I love this hotel. The wall has huge glass windows all across it. It is so fun looking out on to the down town area.

We went to the World War I museum. I learned a lot. While history is not my thing, it was a very neat museum.

Ate yummy food.

You can't really see it but I have been wanting to try a burger with peanut butter for a while now. It was delicious!

Night out at the P&L.

So every time I have been to Howl at the Moon there have been tons of Bachelorette parties going on. This time was no different. It was however my first time to see a bride to be , carrying around a blow up doll, which she felt the need to hold up right as Melissa was taking our picture. Nice photo bomb. Ha!

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Home and Good

This morning Jaxton had surgery to remove his ear tubes and patch the holes in his ears that were left behind. He had the tubes put in right around his 1st birthday and they have worked perfectly until they started pulling out of the canal and ended up getting stuck.

We had to be at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. for admissions and pre-op. Marshal and I woke Jaxton up at 5:30 so that we could get him packed up to go. I figured he would pretty much just stay asleep. We were up half the night with him as it was, with the rain and lightening.

I thought wrong. If you have been around Jaxton more than five minutes you know my sweet boy loves to talk. He was cracking Marshal, GeGe and I up. He had plenty of energy and plenty to talk about.

Here we are in the waiting room. Note my tried face. Jaxton...up and ready to go.

We get checked in and sent to pre op. Happy happy boy!

And then the nurse gives him some Valium. Maybe it is wrong to laugh about such a thing but; well just the other day Marshal was asking if he had an off switch.

He kept saying the bear is sleepy. Ha! Still fighting the fact that me might want to rest.

YouTube Video

They came back to get him. This is where momma's heart got a little said. Makes my heart hurt for these momma's that have babies that have to have long surgeries. I did send a little knitted pocket cross square with him. I had prayed over it the night before. Just made me feel better that he had a little something from me to go with him. And even though I know God was already present, the physical reminder put me at ease.

Yes, I still cried just a bit. Ha like you would expect any different from me.

We were the only ones in the waiting room. Jaxton's surgery was the first one of the morning. I like the big screen that shows what is going on. He was # 1544.

I don't really know how long it all took, but maybe only 20 to 30 minutes. Nothing terrible and then I got to go hold my sleepy handsome boy.

We are now home and the doctor said everything went great. Jaxton is doing great, just enjoying some snuggles and some Disney channel. I am sure soon he will be digging into this yummy little surprise his GeGe left him. Although I have to ask GeGe- the box says two??? Someone somewhere must already have chocolate lips.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Wants my Autograph?

I went to early vote today. That was either really smart on my part or really dumb depending on how you view it.
40/29 5:00 News

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40/29 6:00 News

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend Redo

I felt like my Labor Day weekend was a total bust after the whole ammonia breathing thing. Ugh! So quickly on that: I am feeling much better for the most part. I still have times where I just can't breathe well. I went back to the doctor Wednesday and she said it could be three to four weeks before I feel normal. Not so Fun times. I get really frustrated not being able to just do what I want to do out if fear of my lungs hurting. Oh well super thankful that I am ok and going to be just fine soon enough.

Any way this weekend I planned to make up for all the resting I had to do last weekend.

Friday night, my fabulous friend Melissa, brought her little one up to visit and spend the night. It was sooooo wonderful to have her here. She and her husband travel for his job so they are never in one spot for very long, which means it is usually months and sometimes a year before I get to see her again. However, she is just one of those, well she said it best, real friends. I can absolutely always count on her and I just love her and her sweet family so much.

She even gave me an early birthday present. ( Which I so didn't deserve because I sent hers 3 months late. Yep I am the best. Ha! ) She is so sweet and thoughtful it really is beyond me how I got so lucky to have her as my friend.

Saturday, I somehow got the pleasure of taking Jaxton to soccer by myself. The fun thing about Jaxton's soccer is a parent has to stay on the field the entire time with their child. Yay me! Ha- I did have fun with Jaxton, but a soccer mom I am not.

Saturday night the kids spent the night with my parents so Marshal and I had date night. Double Yay for date night!

Sunday was the Third Grade Bible presentation at our church. The Methodist church has a tradition of giving children their very own bible as a gift from the church shortly after they enter third grade. I can remember getting my bible from my church when I was in the third grade. It was a special moment and I remember feeling so grown up. The fact that I now have a third grade child of my own is unbelievable. Ashlynn also felt just as grown up as I did. She was so excited. She couldn't wait to dig into her new bible. In school they have been learning all about non fiction text features so she felt super smart when she found the text features and used them to locate verses in her bible.

This weekend definitely made up for last. Thank goodness!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Not So Typical Lessons Learned

First, I want to say thank you for all of the prayers, FB post, text and calls. I am home spending some quality time in bed. I wish I could sleep because I am exhausted, but unfortunately my lungs are very sore and sleep just isn't happening. So why not blog, right?

Lets start where it all began. Saturday morning Marshal and I started our Saturday the same as we do every Saturday, making a game plan for the weekend. I can't even get out of bed on Saturday until the plan has been made. Any way in those plans cleaning the house was scheduled for Monday, with grocery store and lake scheduled for Saturday. We went to the store and came home and all I could think about was getting to the lake as soon as possible so I put away the cold stuff and left everything else all over my kitchen. We ran around the house throwing shoes and clothes every which way just trying to get out of the house as soon as possible. My very last thought before leaving the house was " man I hope nothing happens because I would be so mortified if anyone ever saw my house looking like this". Well there was my first mistake.

Great day on the lake. Had so so much fun. Around 7:30 we decide it's time to put the boat up and head home. We were in the jeep, no top, no doors which I am so in love with. We round the conner onto Walnut in downtown Rogers when Marshal says what is that smell. Well my smart kids put towels over their noses and me well, lets just say no one ever said I was the smartest cookie in the cookie jar. Seriously why do you think God have me a blonde child? Any way I take in several big sniffs all the while thinking man that is so strong and so awful. Lesson number two: when you are married to the administrator of public safety never ever ever sniff when he says what is that smell followed by that just isn't right.

He immediately calls Rogers dispatch and while he is on the phone dispatch takes a call from the plant about the leak. By the time he got off the phone I started getting very nauseous so he pulled over so I could get sick. Now here is when you might think he would get out and hold my hair and take care of me. Ha! No he gets on the phone with the fire chief and who even knows who else while I am puking in the parking lot directly across from Take Two Video and Adult store. Wow talk about weirdos staring at you like you are the weirdo- fun times.

M wants to call an ambulance but of course I refuse to allow that. Problem was I just kept getting worse. I started coughing and couldn't stop and soon it became very difficult to breathe.

He takes me to the hospital and at that point I couldn't argue. Now this is probably my favorite part of the whole night.
Remember how we were coming home from the lake? My stubborn husband loves to embarrass me and refused to put his shirt on before driving us home. Yes driving through downtown Rogers was embarrassing enough with my topless man but being carried into the hospital by my husband wearing nothing but swim trunks, well words simply can't explain how exciting that was for me. Lesson number three: never ever get in the vehicle with my husband when he refuses to wear a shirt. He really will take you into a public places with no shame.

Lesson number four: The emergency staff really does work quickly when the need arises. I have always thought you could probably die waiting on them in the waiting rooms of those places. There was no waiting room for me. Within minutes I had five doctors/ nurses all over me and another 10 hospital staff members in the hall staring at me. I am noticing a staring theme here. When I am looking that beautiful in my been on the lake all day now in a hospital gown glory why wouldn't you want to look at me. Of course the thing that was running through my mind was I am barely covered up in this thin gown as it is and they are pulling it up, down and to the side in all directions. Why must we have the door open??? They stuck me with needles and stuck monitors all over me (Literally I had 9 monitor stickers and three needle pokes. Ugh ugh ugh!)

( so glad M took a picture for the beautiful memories oh and so I could also see how great I was looking-ha!)

They took x-rays of my lungs and discover I apparently have abnormally long lungs. Huh ok thanks I guess? And they were also a little taken back by the fact my typical blood pressure is always very low.

I was so thankful to have a friend come pick up the kids in the middle of all of this and take them home. Thank you Chuck! We love you so much!!! However, remember my earlier statement about my house? Oh my mercy! I am so ridiculously embarrassed!

Any way in case you are wondering I am going to be just fine. They gave me a breathing treatment, monitored me for five hours and sent me home with a steroid inhaler. I have a follow up appointment scheduled and as long as I continue to improve they have no reason to think I suffered any permanent damage. Plus I got my very first ever breakfast in bed!!! Yay! Marshal even asked me what I wanted and didn't back down when my answer was my Grandmother's chocolate gravy.