Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I know it's been a long time!

I have to start out by saying I am so sorry Sarah. I read your 8 tag thing and was so excited that you tagged me and I am such a loser and I have not done it! You are probably going to write me off because I couldn't figure out the sisterhood thing either...although I tried really hard. I am just not very good with this blog thing yet. Believe me I am doing good just to be able to create a post and put on an occasional picture!

I have been quite the busy little girl since I wrote last. Yes, I am much calmer since my little fit over Northwest Medical. I am so sorry about all of that, but I know you understand that sometimes you just need to vent!

Ok, where to start.... I got a new car this weekend. I am super excited! I have never got to pick out my own car before. My parents give me my first car when I was 16 and then bought me a new car for graduation from high school. I was a lucky girl to have such wonderful parents! Then after Marshal and I got married I got his left overs and finally at the ripe old age of 28 I got to pick out and purchase my very own car!!! I bought a Brand New Honda Pilot and I love it!

I know these are not very good pictures but I figure you all know what a Honda Pilot looks like....

This weekend I also got to see two of my very bestest friends, Kylie and Melissa. I have to say these two girls have been such sources of strength. I don't know if I ever told them this, but they kept me going during my miscarriage. I had such a hard time with everything and I pushed everyone away and most of my friends let me do it. I have to say I would have probably just backed up and given me space too if I were on the outside looking in. But nope not these girls not one time did they give up on me. It didn't matter to them how many phone calls and text went unanswered they never stopped trying. That is something that I will be forever grateful for. They taught me a huge life lesson. I needed them. I needed to know that I was being thought of, loved, and cared for. Sometimes we can't always express our love back to people, but it is so important that we never ever stop letting people know how much they mean to us. Here we are. I know...I know... I look exhausted!!! Give me a break I taught kindergarten all day and this picture was taken at 12:30 a.m. so I am pretty much ready for bed! Tomorrow is Ashlynn's appointment in Oklahoma City. I am super excited about it. We are meeting with Ashlynn's normal urologist Dr. Jake and also a Child Psychologist that specializes in dysfunctional voiding. I am praying that we can gather more information to help our sweet baby girl. As the days go by and Ashlynn gets older and older the harder this is on all of us. I try my best to focus on all the blessings, but I tell you I struggle with this so so bad. I guess sometimes I just want to picture God with a magic wand and I want him to grant me my wish! I know that is not how God's love works and I put my whole trust in him, I just have to remind myself of that daily, hourly, sometimes every minute.

Sorry for the forever long post! I will try and not let so much time pass next time! I have been a sick little girl lately and have not felt like doing much of anything. Hopefully I am about to be back to "normal" soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I would normally never ever do something like this……..

However, I am absolutely at the complete end of my rope. I have had all I can take with Northwest Medical center! I have never had any complaints about the services I or Ashlynn have received from them. However their billing practices are absolutely and completely ridiculous. I have been trying for over a year to get our medical bills straighten out with them and have had many unsuccessful and frustrating conversations with everyone under the sun in their billing department. Long story short if they have a bill with the date of service over 90 days they send it off to their internal collection agency, whether you have received a bill from them or not. I have now been through this same process with them four times. All four times insurance payments were pending so they had not sent me a bill to show how much my patient portion was. So I just start getting calls from their collection agency without even knowing what is going on.

As you can imagine for someone who strives very hard to ensure all bills have been paid in a timely manner a call from a collection agency, internal or not, is extremely upsetting. I have tried every possible measure I can think of to try and resolve my bills and figure out why their billing practices are so completely messed up and unfortunately, my efforts have only resulted in “we’re sorry Mrs. Watson, but that is our policy and there is nothing we can do to change it”. I just cannot imagine a company wanting to hack all of their customers off, but apparently they are not concerned with customer service.

Well maybe they can’t change it. I can though. From this day forth I will not use a Northwest Medical facility for any reason. I will not allow them to continue to harass me or my family with their ridiculous billing methods. I also will tell anyone who will listen that unless you want to have a complete nightmare of a medical bill disaster steer clear of Northwest Medical Center and their associates.

I am sorry I promise my next post will be something happy and cheerful. Tonight I had to get this out and feel like I had taken a step towards fighting back towards a company that has caused me many hours of stress and a lot of tears.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Today was a fabulous day for an egg hunt! We started the day in a mad rush as we all slept in and didn’t wake up until a telemarketer called at 9:10 and we were supposed to be at church for an Easter egg hunt at 10:00! Oh well sleeping in felt FABULOUS!!! (I am well aware that many of my wonderful friends still think getting up at 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday is not considered sleeping in). The weather was beautiful for the egg hunt and Ashlynn even got to meet one of the Easter bunny’s helpers!
Then, I talked Marshal into taking me to my favorite place in the whole world…….Rick’s Bakery! Oh I swear that place is a little piece of heaven on earth! I of course had to get cake in a cup to go and was so wishing I had thought to order a cake for Easter. Hey any reason for Rick’s cake!
We followed that fun up with dying and decorating Easter eggs. Ashlynn had a blast and made some gorgeous eggs , of course!
Happy Easter to everyone tomorrow, I hope you each have time to reflect on the wonderful gift Jesus gave all of us as he rose from the cross so that he could live in our hearts! This is one of my favorite times of year. There is not a better time to feel God’s love and presents in our lives than this!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My momma would be so proud

I love my husband. I really really do, but you know those nights when he's out of town or has a meeting for dinner it's kind of like a little vacation. I mean every night it is always my job to figure out what we are going to eat and then cook for our family. I have to say that I like being in charge of that, for the most part, because we get to eat what sounds good to me. There is no telling what we would eat if it was up to Marshal! But those nights that all I have to worry about is feeding myself and Ashlynn-those are the nights I love because I don't have to worry about a thing. If I want to cook great, if I don't Ashlynn isn't old enough to complain so I pretty much get away with anything. Like tonight-all that sounded good was macaroni and cheese and green beans. I didn't even bother to make the macaroni and cheese from scratch (which is my favorite) I just popped a can and opened a box and all the sudden dinner was finished! I also must say it was absolutely delicious Hit the spot! I know momma you couldn't be more proud then you are right now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kindergarten Testing

Today was the first day of standardized testing for my kindergarten students. Can I just say what a pain in the butt! I am so thankful it is only two days but those two days and those few hours of testing make me want to pull my hair out. Today, as I walked around trying to administer the MAT8 to my darlings, I see one child crying, one is literally flicking boogers, and one is crawling on the floor and refuses to fill any circles. But let me tell you, boy I am an awesome teacher and if you have any question about my teaching ability please refer to these test scores and see how absolutely wonderful my children did on them-HA-HA! Ok sorry I know you all feel so much better after reading this, but guess what I feel better just getting to express my feelings about it all for just a minute!

Thanks to my Sarah and Avie who put pictures of their fury friends on their blogs today, Ashlynn loved them! Sorry no pictures from me today. I was just feeling a little like a bum for not posting for so long. So Melissa How are you feeling? Just kidding! I just love getting on the computer to see who has a new post for me to read. It is the highlight of my evening!