Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Favorite

Easter is by far my favorite holiday. That has not always been the case, but when Ashlynn was born 10 days before Easter and I got to stuff her cute little six pound body into a Easter basket and take sweet little newborn pictures; I fell in love with Easter. I have always thought that was kind of a silly reason to love a holiday, but I just finished reading Katy's blog and she said the same thing about sweet Turner.
Ashlynn, of course, is not the only reason I love Easter; I love that it represents life and a new start. I love that it is the beginning of spring. I love the flowers and the pastel colors. I love the reassurance that Jesus is alive. And I love love getting to pet the cute little bunnies!

Having said all that I have a ton of Easter pictures I want to share. I will however spare you the ones of all my cute little Easter decorations ( which by the way Katy not one person said anything about at my house either and I have had several people over since they have been up).

Really to run! He made me laugh he only picked up certain eggs and would completely pass by others. He mainly wanted green eggs.

I didn't know Marshal was already taking pictures, but I love this sweet little face "Oh mom not in front of my friends".

Ashlynn would not stop to let daddy get any pictures. She was focused on getting those eggs.

Jaxton turnes around and sees daddy with the camera and says "cheese".

Ashlynn, Jaxton ,and of course Benjamin showing off their full baskets.

Never stop to get a picture with my sweet momma.

Easter Morning.

Jaxton couldn't even look to see what the Easter bunny brought until he collected all the hidden eggs.

Finally decided  to look but refused to show mommy for a picture.

My sweet little family!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Little Moments

 There are two kinds of people; those who like to pretend that their life is all hearts and rainbows and those who like to be real and find relief from life by chatting it up with their girl friends.  I tend to be a realist. Nothing makes me feel better than to talk about it. This week I found myself smack dab in the middle of a " let me tell you how much my husband stinks this week conversation", while I was suppose to be lesson planning. Oh well that got done too. Ha!

It's always the same conversation, regardless of which man we are talking about, mine or my friends. He doesn't pay any attention to me. He only thinks about himself. I have asked him to do (you fill in the blanks) a thousand times and guess who ended up doing it. Blah blah blah. I could continue but you get the point.

The last two weeks have been a little rough at my house. Now I love my husband to pieces and he truly is a fabulous person, but the last two weeks he has been really snippy. I am sure I should just be the lovely little wife and ignore it, but that is just not my personality. He takes a tone with me and I am just going to shut down right then and there. He has said I am sorry at least a dozen times this week but bottom line he just kept doing it.

Wednesday night after putting the kids to bed I asked him if he would go get a slushy for me from the Kum and Go. He said he would if I promised to sit outside with him for a few minutes. I said sure and off he went.

Ok here is where my flaws come in. I don't have many so I know some of you are shocked. Ha! I am very very anal about my house and how I keep it. I like everything to be in it's place and hate for it to be dirty. I work every night until everything is just so so and don't stop until it is either done or I am just exhausted. Sometimes I do have to let things go , but it is literally painful and it will drive me crazy until I get it done.

So Marshal brings my slushy and well you guessed it. I had too much to do to stop and go outside with him. Finally we both crash into bed me mad at him, him mad at me. We toss and turn for a little while and neither one can sleep. Finally I asked if he would be willing to take me outside for a date. He agreed. I took a blanket outside and we laid down and looked at the stars. By this time it was midnight. The neighborhood was still and quiet and in that little moment everything was perfect.

So simple, so beautiful, so absolutely perfect. It really is the little moments that mean the most.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our First Over Night Guest

I have been so excited the last two weekends to have over night guest staying with us. My friend Melissa, her husband, baby Wyatt, Melissa's mom and dad came up for a wedding last weekend and I was so excited they choose to stay with us. Melissa and Daniel currently live in Houston so I rarely get to see her and she is one of my closest and dearest friends. Her parents kept the children while the adults went for a fun night out. Sunday morning we slept in and went for brunch in Fayetteville.  It was so good to get to visit with everyone and actually see Melissa for more than a few hours, which probably hasn't happened in almost three years.
This past weekend Jennifer came to see me. She lives in Malvern, but between her family and mine it just seems so hard to get together. Of course who am I kidding, another one of my besties lives less than a mile away and I hardly ever get to see her either. Any way Jenn came and we had a great time just visiting, shopping, and of course eating. Ha! Amy's husband was out of town so the three of us got together for some girl time.
I guess the guy taking the pic for us couldn't hold the iphone still. Ha! oh well.

It is so fabulous to have a place for guest to stay. I use to dread having company, but this new house makes me want to have people over all the time.  In fact I feel like throwing a party just for the heck of it. Who's in?