Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day for a Princess

So it has taken me almost a week to start my Disney trip post. Not only because it has taken me almost that long to rest up and recuperate, but it has also been a very busy week. Any way better late than never, right? I do have several post planned to share our Disney trip, but they are not going to follow the same day by day pattern that the Bahamas post did. I thought I would start with my favorite day of the trip: Princess Day!

Ashlynn loves Cinderella. From the beginning of her dress up days Ashlynn has been drawn to Cinderella. I love having a girly girl. When we begun planing this trip I knew Cinderella had to be a big part of it and she was. My fabulous friend Katy dressed as Cinderella and made a video telling Ashlynn about our trip to Disney world and when we got to Disney world Cinderella sent Ashlynn an invitation to have breakfast at her castle. We got to The Magic Kingdom bright and early Thursday morning. We had already been to The Magic Kingdom twice during the week but neither time did we go in the castle. We headed straight to the castle and when we started walking in Ashlynn got beside herself excited. We went in and they treated us like royalty, even referring to us as the royal Watson family. We met Cinderella right away. You can see Jaxton wasn't quite as excited about meeting Cinderella as Ashlynn was.
After meeting Cinderella we headed to the dinning area on the second floor. The hostess gave each child a wishing star and Ashlynn got a magic wand and Jaxton got a sword. During breakfast, which was super yummy, the different Disney princesses came around and visited. Ashlynn was so excited she didn't even touch her food.

Ashlynn's cute Mickey plate.

Jaxton got really mad that he didn't get included in this picture with Aurora.

After Belle walked away Jaxton blew her a kiss. I told him his momma was the only princess he was allowed to kiss. HA!
After all of the princesses had made their way around they held a wishing star ceremony. Each child said the magic words, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, and made their wish on their star. Ashlynn wished to be just like Cinderella with a real Cinderella gown and slippers.

I had no idea that was what Ashlynn would wish for, but I did know that our Disney trip wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. I was so excited I could hardly wait for 3:00 to roll around. In the mean time we made our rounds riding all the must ride rides in Fantasyland (tea cups, Dumbo, Peter Pans flight, Winnie's Adventures, It's a small world). Then it was finally time to head back to the castle for Ashlynn's surprise make over. I think Marshal thought I had lost my mind when I told him how much I had spent a Cinderella's boutique but it was worth every last penny. I think Marshal agreed when he saw the finished product.
Princess dressing room.
Photo Shoot. Part of the Princess makeover.
The only downfall of the day is that I think Ashlynn believes she really was turned into a princess and that her daddy and I are now her royal servants. Not sure how long this is going to last, but oh my!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

When did This Happen?

Marshal and I are not into PDA. You are not going to see him with his arm around me a church. You won't catch us walking through the store holding hands. You certainly are not going to see us kissing in front of you.

However, home is a different story. He leaves me with a kiss every morning and I welcome him with a kiss every evening and we pass out random kisses throughout. You will often find me sitting in his lap when we are watching t.v. together. We snuggle for at least a hour every Saturday morning before getting out of bed. And we love to wrestle, often because he says something sarcastic to me and I feel the need to beat him up, in a loving way of course-HA!

Last night Marshal came home and I was cooking dinner. I had my ipod on and was listening to music (ok ok and singing at the top of my lungs). One of my favorite songs came on, Angel Eyes, and Marshal came over and we started dancing. It was a super sweet little moment until all the sudden I hear " What are ya'll doing? Hugging and dancing and stuff?'. "Gross".  Marshal and I look up and Ashlynn is standing there staring at us.

Then after dinner we sent the kids off to play and we snuck off for a quick minute alone. Within a couple of seconds Ashlynn is standing in our bedroom with us asking what we are doing and why we didn't tell her where we were going.

Oh my mercy! I really thought I had a couple more years to have a love life.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Better Not Catch You

I am sure nobody reading this blog needs this lecture, but you are going to get it any way. Any one that has known me for any length of time knows that I am big into random acts of kindness. I love them. They go right along with my tender little heart and they make me feel so good. The thing I love about them is they don't have to be big and they don't have to cost money, yet they speak volumes on goodness in the world. You never know how one little act is going to effect the people around you.

Ok on to my story. Today I had to go to Walmart to get a few things. When we pulled up in the parking lot I noticed an assisted living van.  I had a quick passing thought about how great that was that they brought people to Walmart. I was dreading my trip, but for those people it was probably a great outing that they all look forward to.

I did my shopping as quickly as possible because being in Walmart with Jaxton is not exactly what I consider a fun time. We get to the check out and this little lady probably in her late 70's early 80's was in front of us. By this point Jaxton had had it. He wasn't going to sit in the cart any longer and he was screaming at me because I wouldn't let him take all the candy bars off the shelf and throw them on the ground.  So I end up holding him on one hip while he kicks, arches his back, and screams as loudly as he can, while I unload my cart with the other hand. I get my cart unloaded and bless this woman's heart she is as slow as Christmas getting her fruit arranged in her sacks just so so. 

The cashier tells her her total and she goes to pay. Her total was $35. 64. The lady hands her $30 and begins to search through her pockets and her wallet for more money.  Her pockets are empty and she doesn't have anything else in her wallet. No credit cards, no pictures, nothing. She looks at the cashier and says "I am so sorry I guess I have to put some of my fruit back".  Without even thinking I quickly tell the cashier that I will pay the rest. The cashier rings her up  and I pay the remaining. It takes the lady a few minutes to figure out what is going on, but once she does she gets very emotional. She tells me that she can't pay me back because she doesn't have any one to get more money from and when she does get more money she doesn't know where to find me. I explain that I don't want her to pay me back that I was simply happy I could help.  She tells me that I have a family to take care of and she just has her and she feels terrible taking my money. She starts crying and hugs me and off she goes with her fruit.

I loved being able to help. I loved that Ashlynn was there to see me help. I also loved how Jaxton seemed to know that something was happening because as soon as I started talking to the lady he calmed down and just sat on my hip like a perfect little boy. I loved knowing that it was so simple and so easy to spread a little love.

Here is the part that I didn't love ( and the lecture comes in). I turned to the cashier, who had started ringing up my groceries, and she was crying. She told me that was the kindness thing she had seen in a long time. I was a little taken back by that. Ok a lot taken back by that. I didn't do anything special. I did what anyone in my position would have done, right? Well I guess not. She explained to me that she had been working at Walmart for a long time and that people don't have enough money for their groceries all the time. Sometimes it is older people; sometimes its moms with children, but most of the time they are within $20 of what they have and that never had she seen anyone help. I didn't really know what to say. I just replied with a "Well we all need  a little help sometime". She told me that was very much true and that she has needed help a lot in her life and was so thankful for people like me that opened my eyes long enough to see that.

I hope I never catch anyone not helping. I admit I don't do near as much as I could or as I should. Today my random act presented itself to me and I feel guilty that I didn't even have to work at showing kindness.   In my mind there was never even a thought of not helping. I may not need someone to help pay for my groceries today and I have been blessed thus far to never know what that feels like, but I assure you I am not without the need for love and help from others. My guess is that the same could be said for most of us.

and speaking of random.....I didn't get a chance to post my babies 4th of July picture yesterday so....