Friday, May 14, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Tonight my baby girl graduated from preschool! I can't believe it. It was so touching to me to see her with her little friends-she is quite the social butterfly. In fact she got the award for the most outgoing student in her class. The whole ceremony was so sweet. Ashlynn has gone to the same MDO for three years now. I feel like they have become part of our family. She has grown up with the same little girls, we have gone to birthday parties together, watched Christmas programs, and planned class parties together. The same caring teachers have been there through it all. We are truly sad to be closing that chapter in our lives.


I can never thank them enough for loving my little girl the way they have. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful christian based program for Ashlynn to be involved in.

Ms. Lauren

And baby brother who seems real impressed with the whole graduation thing. HA!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When Did that Happen?

Lately several events have occurred that have just made me realize that I am getting old! It is no secret that this September I will be turning thirty! Yikes! I know that some people hit thirty and don’t even blink, but for me well, I am just soaking up these last few months of my twenties.

Last week I was at the grocery store. It was a Saturday night and I was super excited to be roaming through Wal-Mart by myself (you know enjoying those alone moments anytime and anywhere I can). I finally had roamed for as long as I could and I went to check out. There were only three registers open, but as luck would have it a fourth register was opening up right as I was pulling my cart up to the front. And if that was lucky enough the cashier happened to be a really cute guy! So I am unloading my groceries and I hand the hottie my reusable bags. Use to I would have taken this as a perfect opportunity to boost my ego because the cute check-out dude would start flirty with me and I of course would carry on a little harmless flirty back.

Well that is soooo not what happened this time. The cute check out guy had absolutely no desire to flirt with me what- so- ever. In fact quite the opposite; he begins to make fun of me! He laughed at my reusable bags and he went on and on and on about how many groceries I had. “Huh huh you must have ten kids at home with all these groceries”.

Umm I mean sure I used to would never dream of leaving the house in yoga pants and a t-shirt. And sure I used to always have make-up on no matter where I was going. And ok fine, my hair was never pulled back in a pony tail, but come on people it was 9:30 on a Saturday night! Ok I guess that should have been my first clue…grocery shopping on a Saturday night for fun…um not very glamorous!

I just don’t know when this happened. When did I go from being the cute girl that got free dinners just because some guy was trying to impress me- to the old woman that gets made fun of at the grocery store. What happened? I catch myself saying things like “is that boy even old enough to drive?” “good grief if that girls skirt was any shorter”.

Well, I guess thirty is on its way whether I like it or not. And I guess it happens to the best of us at some point or another!

However, I do have two adorable kids to show for my almost 30 years of life…

P.S. I know the last two post have talk about hot guys…sorry Marshal I love you and think you are a super hottie as well!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

How Embarrassing

So leave it to me to start a Friday morning off with a bang! This past Friday started like any other normal Friday. I got up, got ready for school, and left for work. As I was driving to work I begin to feel really weak and had that “oh crap I am going to pass out feeling”. I guess I have always just thought passing out was part of life. I do it on a fairly regular bases (once or twice a month), but normally at home and normally only around Marshal.

So any way on with my story…I am about to pass out. I pull over on the side of interstate and roll down the windows and drink a little water. I sit there for a few minutes and then decide that I need to get to work (after all I am suppose to take 18 kindergartners on a field trip at 8:30-I have got to pull it together and get to school). So on I go. I pull into the school parking lot and I feel terrible. Not even really sure how I made it. I call one of my co-workers because I just don’t think I can make it in. My plan was to have her help me in. I would sit and rest for a few minutes and then I would be fine and carry on with my day.

Well I am guessing no one else got the memo about my plan because next thing I know I hear people yelling to call 911 and sure enough next came the sirens! Please dear Lord tell me there was a car accident on the street behind the school and those sirens are not headed here for me. Ok well wrong again! Oh my mercy where is a hole to crawl into!!!

Next thing I know some extremely hot sexy fireman comes rushing to my side. Ok Ok I made up the part about the hot sexy. I honestly have no idea what the man looked like. I never could seem to keep my eyes open long enough to even look at him. But I am sure he was super cute and tan and well just plain dreamy! Except I did not like having to argue with him about going to the hospital and I am pretty sure he was making fun of me because I told him I couldn’t go to the hospital because they would poke me with needles. Sorry off track again, back to the sexy fireman!

I mean he felt dreamy when he was carrying me to my husband’s car….or maybe it was my husband carrying me, but that really doesn’t sound near as fun! Ok people just let me at least have my fantasy (after all I never plan to require an ambulance again).

So long story short. I am fine. I just had a little issue. I am slightly anemic and I was having my 1st period after my pregnancy (which was extremely heavy). Next time I think I will just wear a monogrammed shirt that says “I am menstruating”. After all, the whole world figured it out after my extremely embarrassing Friday morning!