Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 6: I am no Swim Suit Model

Day 6: June 17th

I have a feeling this is the post most of you have been waiting for all week. Since this post I have had many request to post pictures of me in the red bikini. Well today is the day. Yikes for me...

But before we get to that You have to listen to a little more of my blah blah blah about my trip.

Friday morning we wake up excited to start the day and ready to get down to the beach to spend one more glorious day in the sun. Before we could do that though we had signed up for a Greg Norman golf clinic. Greg and his wife had flown in for the weekend and he was hosting a golf clinic before spending the rest of the weekend enjoying his vacation. Now I really wasn't all that interested in learning any golf tips from Mr. Norman, but I knew I had to meet him and get him to sign a hat for my Dad. We were just about to leave when the skies open up and it starts pouring down rain. Not to worry, it rained at least once everyday, but usually only for a few minutes and never enough to interrupt our day.  Well this time it was different. This time it started thundering and lightening like crazy. Long story short the rain wasn't going anywhere for a very long time.

Any of you that know me very well know that when I get something in my mind I am going to get my way; one way or another. This day proved to be no different. I wasn't going to let a storm ruin my last day at the beach and I wasn't going to let Mr. Norman canceling the golf clinic stop me from getting my hat signed. 

Marshal and I got into our swim suits, packed a cooler, grabbed some towels, found an umbrella and off we went. We got to beach and got under the tiki hut and ended up spending the better part of the day watching the storm roll across the beach. It was actually really beautiful. The tiki hut was completely dry and the sound of the rain hitting the ocean was very peaceful. Marshal and I spent a lot of time just talking. It was really nice.

That is until Marshal got bored and started playing with the umbrella. HA!

It also proved to be a great day to take my bikini pictures because there were very few people at the beach so I didn't feel like an idiot posing. I am so not a swim suit model. Ha!
The rain did finally stop around 4:00. It is amazing how exhausting it can be laying around all day. In fact this is where I found Marshal on one of our many trips back and forth to the room to get food and beverage.

So here we were the last night at the resort. We eat dinner and head off to tell Mel and Scott good-bye. See what I haven't told you about Mel and Scott is that they weren't at Sandals for their honeymoon or anniversary. They came at the request of  Mel's friend Stephanie. Stephanie was celebrating her 40th birthday and had asked six couples to join her. While everyone else just came in for the weekend Mel and Scott decided to spend the week there so Scott could Bone fish. Saturday was Stephanie's big birthday celebration so we knew that Friday night was our last chance to see them. We find Mel and visit for a little bit. Of course Mel's friends can't help, but love me. I mean doesn't everyone-ha! Totally kidding. Any way Marshal and I get invited to join them at a a private party on the balcony over the pool.  What I also haven't told you is that Stephanie is Greg Norman's sister in law. So Marshal and I got to party it up with Greg and his wife.  He was very nice and down to earth. I learned that he loves to fish almost as much as he loves to golf. Marshal wanted a picture so bad. He was mad at me for hours after the party because I didn't think it was appropriate ask for a picture at a private party we just managed to get invite to.

If you are wondering though-yes I did manage to get the hat signed for my Dad. I told you I always get what I want.

Thank you so much for checking out my vacation post. I am not going to make a day seven post. We didn't fly out until 12:30 so we did get a little more time to enjoy the resort, but the rest of the day was filled with flying and running through airports. My favorite part of day seven was landing at XNA and running to grab a hold of my sweet babies! I missed them sooooooo much!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Five: I Could Not Ask for More

Warning: This may be the longest post ever...
Day 5:  June 16th
Oh my mercy! This was my favorite day of the whole trip. Every day was fabulous, but this day was amazingly perfect. Marshal and I wanted to rent a car and drive the island. We didn't really plan it this way, but we ended up deciding to do it on Thursday, our 10 year anniversary. It ended up being the perfect way to spend our anniversary together. The island of Exuma is only 37 miles long and has one main highway. We were pretty excited about exploring it on our own, but a little nervous because they drive on the left hand side of the road and their streets are really small. Marshal did great and only almost wrecked us once. Ha!

Before we headed out for the day we exchanged gifts. Every anniversary we always get the gift for that year. I usually stick with the traditional gift because you have to be creative. Marshal is back and forth between traditional and modern. I got him a bunch of tins full of different snacks(tin is the traditional gift for ten years). Marshal got me diamond earrings (diamond is the modern ten year gift).

After the gift exchange we headed out to meet our butler who had packed us an ice chest and gotten us a map of the island and off we went. We knew we wanted to see George Town, the only main town on the island, and go to the Tropic of Cancer beach.

When we got to the beach we were blown away by the beauty of the water. We were also shocked to discover that we were the only two people there. It was like our own little beach get away. A family stopped by for a few minutes just to get a quick picture and we asked them to take our picture, but other than that we were alone for hours. It was fabulous and don't tell Marshal that I said this, but I found it incredibly romantic.

I had to tear myself away, but Marshal and I were starving so we headed to Santana's. A little beach front hut and the best restaurant on the island. The food was so good! Oh my mercy was it good! Mama was a fabulous cook. She apparently sends Big Papa out to fish every morning and whatever he caught that day was what was on the menu. If I could, I would fly back there everyday just to eat that yumminess!

We headed down to the straw market to buy our babies some souvenirs. I was really surprised at how expensive everything was there.  The straw market was right across the street from the school and the city offices. Marshal really wanted to get a picture of the civil defense office so we head over to the city offices to ask where it was. Well this somehow lead us to meeting and getting invited into the  office of the Administrator of Exuma (he was like the Mayor of the island). He was very sweet and he and Marshal had great fun talking about hurricanes, but I was embarrassed that we looked like bums.  
The School

We made it back to the resort just in time for our afternoon nap. Then we headed down to the beach for our  dinner for two on the beach. I really wish our pictures turned out better, but it was so dark and all we had was one candle and the moon light. Very romantic, but not good for pictures. And yes I totally felt like I was on the Bachelor-minus the 24 other women. HA! Marshal even told me I was gorgeous, which is not a word he ever uses to describe me. To him the word gorgeous is big time and not something he uses very often.

After dinner we made a quick stop by the pub to say hi to Mel and meet her friends that had flown in for the weekend (much more on that tomorrow). Then we went back to our room to discover this....
Awww. If I had dreamed of the perfect way to spend my 10 year anniversary it wouldn't have compared to the perfectness of this day.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4: Nothing Fancy

Day 4:  Wednesday, June 15th

Wednesday ended up being the last day we hung out at the pool. We were so lazy. We literally got to the pool around 9:30 and laid there until 5:30. We didn't even get up to get lunch. We had Samson bring it to us. Of course we did have to get up long enough to swim over to the bar, but between Marshal, Mel,and I our turn didn't come around that often.

Isn't Samson the cutest!

Around 5:00 we went back to the room. We took our usual 6:00 nap and then got up to go to dinner. Tonight we had dinner reservations at  IL Cielo Italian restaurant. It was the "fancy" restaurant at the resort with white glove service. They have a dress code and you are suppose to look nice. I took a cute dressier dress and heels, but when I went to put it on it was way to big and I looked ridiculous. So Marshal and I decided to go with a little more casual look. We still met the dress code, minus my flip flops, which I was a little worried they might ask me to go change over. 

I loved the fresh flowers they always had greeting us!

Marshal and I really like good food. However, there is a line for us between good fancy and just fancy fancy. This restaurant was a little over that line for us. The food was just too fancy for us and we didn't really like it. At least the dessert was good. You know it is hard to mess that up. Chocolate mousse with a cream bru la center, YUM! After we left dinner we headed over to the pub to get real food, chicken strips and french fries. HA!

Ok today was kind of boring, but stay tune. Tomorrow was my favorite day of the whole trip and I can't wait to share!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Three: Marshal's 2nd Wife

Day Three: June 14th

We woke up bright and early because Marshal decided to go scuba diving around one of the reefs on the island. I tried to get a spa appointment for the same time but my butler scheduled it at 10:00. Darn butler's. Ha!

While Marshal was out swimming with the fish, I hung out at the beach and read. I am telling you if you ever have a chance to go to Great Exuma Bahamas, d0. The water there is the most beautiful water I have ever seen. I haven't been every where but compared to St. Lucia, Playa del Carmen, United State's beaches, and Progreso the water was beyond the best. It was crystal clear and looking out across the ocean the blue was simply breath taking.  

I knew Marshal would be finished before I was so we agreed to meet at the pool.  I finished up at the spa around 12:30 and headed down to meet him. When I got down there I find him all settled in with Melanie.  I should have known that is where he would be because he was pretty much hooked the day before when she ordered him a pizza and brought it to him in the pool. See Mel's husband Scott loves to Bone fish. When I say loves I mean LOVES to fish. He got up everyday, Monday through Wednesday, and went Bone fishing from 5:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Mel ended up just hanging out with us everyday while he was gone then we would all hang out in the evenings. I thought it was fabulous!  In between calling the butler's to bring us food and drink Mel would ask Marshal if he need anything and would go get us all drinks. Marshal was one spoiled boy and I ended up with a great friend to talk to.

After pool time Marshal and I had a butler's sunset reception to attend on the golf course. All of the resort guest with butler' were invited to take a tour of the golf course which lead up to a peak where they had champagne and hors d'oeuvres. It was gorgeous! The golf course was a Greg Norman course and I am pretty sure I would have needed about 500 golf balls and that is just to get through hole #1. Ha! Just kidding but it looked like a really though course.

After the reception we went and hung out at the pub and then came back to this....

I know I shouldn't put this picture on my blog, but when I was 10 I watched a t.v. special and  it had Dolly in a bath tub full of bubbles. I thought  it was the coolest thing ever. Since I love Dolly I have always wanted my picture taken in a tub full of bubbles. HA!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day Two: Who needs luggage?

Day Two: Monday, June 13th

Because Marshal and I really didn't have anything but the clothes we arrived in and the swim suits we bought at the gift shop we decided to have breakfast delivered to our room. I really couldn't stomach the thought of putting on the same clothes I had on for 20 hours the day before. I couldn't have been more excited to wake up this...
After breakfast we headed back down to the pool. Marshal and I were pretty concerned about the no sunscreen thing. We get to our cabana and get all set up and I notice a bottle of sunscreen just sitting there. I watched for a little while and no one ever came back for it so I assumed that they had accidentally left it there. It was like a little gift from the sun gods. We hung out at the pool the rest of the day and officially got to meet Melanie, Scott's wife. She was precious!

We also lucked out that the resort had this fabulous little restaurant right there on the beach where we could eat lunch in our bathing suits.

I also got to pet the resort kitty's. They were sooo cute!

Around five we went back to our room to discover this.....

We have clothes to wear! Yea!!!

Monday night they had a beach party where we watched fire dancers and even had the fire dancer come around and rub her fire stick on our hands. It was surprisingly nice. Very hot but felt really good. Ha!