Thursday, October 9, 2014

Marshal Gives Me " Strength "

I haven't blogged in so long, I hope I still remember how to do it. Ha!

You all know by now I have been struggling with a migraine. Maybe you do or maybe you don't know the ins and outs of the whole ordeal, but it goes something like this. September 16th, while at work, I start getting this terrible headache. I leave as soon as I can after school, get the kids, come home and take a nap. Any way long story short that night I end up having the worst pain of my entire life, not kidding, worse than unmedicated child birth(Ashlynn decided to not wait so I did everything but the final push with no meds), anything I have ever experienced. Now by no means has it stayed at that intensity, but I have had a headache non stop since. At times the pain gets to me more than others. It kind of depends on how tired I am, or how busy I am and if I can kind of keep my mind off of the pain. Today marks my 23rd day straight with a migraine.

After day five I made an appointment with my doctor. We tried a shot and some meds. By day seven, I was back at the doctor. New meds and a MRI. Thankfully the MRI showed nothing. However my pain continued. The next day still in misery, I was sent to the ER. Tons of shots and IV fluids. Still no relief. The weekend rolls around. It just so happens to be the weekend before my 34th birthday. Marshal has planned a birthday trip for me that he had to cancel. I am major bummed, but in so much pain, I can't even care.

Monday comes, it's my birthday. I am officially 34. I asked for a guitar for my birthday. If that is not the most ridiculous gift for a girl with a headache. This is just great. Ugh! Jaxton and Ashlynn of course are in love with my birthday gift and I can't get the box closed fast enough. My head is pounding. I am seeing neon lights and not the pretty kind you see when you are drunk and dancing and having a good time.

Then, Marshal walks over with this little green bag. I open it. Inside it has a key. A beautiful gold key with the word strength inscribed on it. It is hanging from a beautiful gold chain. Attached to the key is a card that reads. " The giving key, give this key away to someone when they need it more than you. "

I could have cried. I wanted to cry. Nothing could have been more perfect. It takes a lot to surprise me boys and girls. I am going to tell you what; I am one nosey little girl. I ruin surprises-always. It's just what I do. But this. This is what I needed. Marshal R. Watson, I could not love you more for giving me strength. I held that key so tight through both, four hour IV infusions. I still have a ways to go, no headache relief yet, so I am hanging on to my strength for now.

Picture, I took my first day back after my first infusion, to show a friend that I was feeling better. My headache was only at a two on the pain scale until that night when it came back. You can still see it in my eyes that I hurt. :-(

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