Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simple Summer

I felt like today was my first official day of summer. Friday was my last day of work, but we traveled over the weekend and Monday. Tuesday I spent cleaning my house and getting caught up on the laundry. Today I just enjoyed life with my kids. I know I am one of those moms that gets so caught up in the household chores that I miss a lot of time with my babies. That makes me feel so guilty and I definitely find it to be a negative to my type A personality.

This summer I want to make sure I take time to enjoy them. My plan is to plan at least one activity every day that is just me spending time having fun with them. Today's plan was strawberry picking( thank you Kristin). However, with a little nudge from the neighbor we also spent the morning at the pool.

I had never been strawberry picking before today. McGarrah farms was so great and the kids had a blast. Ashlynn's favorite part was getting to eat as many berries as she wanted while picking them ( yes you are allowed to do that; it was the first rule the lady shared). Jaxton, well in true boy fashion, loved squishing all of the rotten berries on the ground.

Tonight Marshal got to join in some summer fun. We got the jeep out, took the doors off, and took the kids "off roading" ( nothing like the mudding our high school days held) in the back of the subdivision. Jaxton was in heaven. "Do it again daddy! "

Awe I am loving my simple little summer so much already!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Give Them Something to Talk About

A little background: Jaxton goes to Mother's Day out every Tuesday and Thursday. At his MDO program every child is required to bring a crib sheet, which they use to cover up their rest maps for rest time. On Tuesday I always send his blanket and sheet. On Thursday I always unpack his bag and wash his things.

Last night I was unpacking Jaxton's school bag. I took out his blanket and sheet and went to grab his jacket when I noticed a pair of my panties in his bag. Not only were they my panties, but they happen to be an iddy biddy pair of thong panties. ( yes yes some pants and dresses I just can't handle the panty line thing.) I looked up and asked Jaxton what my panties were doing in his bag. I am praying somehow he got them last night and put them in there or something anything just fingers crossed his teachers didn't know they were in there.

Well that was a short lived pray when his sweet, little, giggle voice
says " I don't know momma, Ms. Sarah put them in there". Oh. Oh great. So not only did his teachers know they were in there, but they actually had to put them back in his bag. Thank goodness I don't have to face them for an entire summer.

Lesson learned never take a chance when doing laundry; you never know what might get caught in the corners of your kids sheets.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Party Time 2013 Recital

This years recital theme was Party Time. All of the songs were fun party dance songs. Ashlynn's class did " My Boyfriends Back" and "Like a Prayer". The recital was very cute and there were a lot of good dances this year. Ashlynn was so exited to have Mrs. Pittman ( her 2nd grade teacher) come watch her preform. Bless her: 3 hours of recital fun is an awful lot to sit through.

Here is my little dance star:

Dressing room fun.

Excited to catch some balloons during the balloon drop!

Best Friends: Maris and Ashlynn

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