Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blog catch up: Thanksgiving and Snowcation

I am finally getting caught up on my blogging. Life has been really testing me lately. My stress level has been more than I can handle and I have been so incredibly busy; I haven't even had time to process anything. I keep forgetting things that my organized self never would normally ( which is only adding to my stress) . All I can think is that my brain is like a bowl of skittles. The bowl can only hold so many skittles before they spill over. I am sorry if you've become one of my spilled skittles.

My resolution for 2014 is to make more time for me. Normally I would view that as very selfish, but the truth is I am not any good to anyone right now, which feels very selfish too.

Ok enough of that blah blah.

Thanksgiving this year will go down as one of my favorite. Marshal and I being only children, tends to make for very small family gatherings for the holidays. My mom however, is one of seven children, so I remember my holidays growing up being huge with lots of people around. Once my grandparents passed away no one got together anymore. The older I get the more I miss that. This Thanksgiving my parents hosted at my dad's cabin ( GeGe's Cabin as Jaxton likes to say.) My dad's parents came along with two of my mom's brothers and sister. ( yes Aunt Arene you escaped pictures this time.)

( Uncle Roger and Aunt Linda)

( Uncle Rudy and Aunt Nona)

( GeGe never wins the wish bone.)

We also went to Marshal's uncle Eddie's new house on Crow mountain. It is just beautiful and we got a nice long visit with his family. Thanksgiving definitely filled my love tank.

After our week long Thanksgiving break the weather decided we needed a little more time off and we got a Snowcation. Oh it was the best! I stayed home in yoga pants with no makeup the entire week and loved every minute of it. I know a lot of people were complaining about being stuck at home. Not me I was happy as a little lark. I did absolutely nothing. Ok maybe nothing is an exaggeration. I did make 8 blankets for the children's shelter.

( Thank goodness Effie got in the picture. She knows I am not really into selfies.)

Played in the snow.

Made snow ice cream.

Drove through the fields in the jeep.

Went sledding.

And of course spent lots of time snuggling and taking warm bubble baths.

What's not to love about a Snowcation!

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Ashlynn loves to dance. She loves performing even more. This year she received an invitation to audition to preform with the Moscow Ballet in their performance of The Nutcracker at the Walton Art Center. I was really nervous about this because I knew only 12 children in all of NWA were going to be chosen. I didn't want my daughter to be disappointed. I know negative thinking. I also had nothing to worry about because Ashlynn did awesome at her audition and got chosen to participate.

We were both thrilled! While not being anything even close to her experience, I was in a local performance of the Nutcracker as a little girl. I was so excited to have my daughter experience it too. ( Ashlynn was not impressed that I was a mouse....Ha)

I of course jumped at the opportunity to be one of the backstage moms. I am not sure who had more fun, Ashlynn or me. Ok I'll let Ashlynn win this one. It was however super neat seeing the behind the scenes view. I mean seriously, you haven't lived until you've seen a bunch of Russian ballerina men running around with nothing but white tights on. Ha! I didn't handle that very professionally. Lena and I giggled out loud and didn't even try to get control of ourselves.

There was so much to backstage that I had never thought of before. Hundreds of cords to make all those cool backdrops work.

Tons of people crammed into tiny spaces. And those ballerinas that look so beautiful and graceful on stage. Umm yeah not so much. Up close they are sweaty and gross.

It also surprised me how small the stage feels when on it. Sitting in the audience it seems so large.

Ashlynn got quite a bit of stage time. She was one of the children at the party scene. She loved every minute on stage. She said " when you are on that stage, it just feels magical." She honestly couldn't get enough of it.

( Grant and Paige are in Ashlynn's All That Dance company.)

(Group with there stage moms. )

I think she also loved all the star treatment she got after her performances.

(GeGe asking for her autograph. )

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