Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Scariest Moment of My Life

Last week in Sunday school our teacher asked if we remember the scariest moment of our life. I really couldn't think of anything that really stood out. That all changed a little over two hours ago.

I volunteered to head up the Running Club for my school. I am so excited because we have 68 kids enrolled, which is truly amazing, and today was a beautiful day for a run.

Running Club is over at 3:15. It was 3:10 and I see the police coming towards the school. Next thing I know my school principal is out there and we are being told to go into lock down. Because we were across the street at the track we had to usher all of the children into the Early Childhood Center that sits right beside the track. I quickly get informed that there is a man on campus that is believed to have a gun.There are several parents there already ready to pick up their children. I feel responsible for making sure everyone gets inside because I am " in charge" of this club. We get inside and continue with the lock down procedures. I was so proud of our school district and the Bentonville staff. Everyone worked quickly and efficiently. I was also impressed with the Bentonville Police Department. They arrived and handled the situation in a matter of minutes. It turned out that the man did not have a gun, simply a gun type case that looked threatening. I would much rather be over caution than under. So thank you to who ever called the police in the first place. Truly your observant nature could have saved a bunch of lives.

Now if that wasn't scary enough, because it was pretty scary. The heart dropping took 20 years off my life moment came after the lock down was over. From the moment the lock down started I was keeping my eyes open for Ashlynn. I had asked a few people if they had seen her once we got inside, but no one seemed to know where she was. I wasn't really concerned because I felt like she was probably just locked down with a group I hadn't made it to yet. However, when all of the children were back outside I still couldn't find her. I started asking every child that knew her if they had seen her. I was asking all of the teachers. No one had seen Ashlynn. My heart was dropping by the second. I go back over to the ECC just to find out there are no children left inside. I go over to Mr. Poore, our superintendent, and start trying to talk to him. I am pretty sure I am not making any sense and he will forever think I am crazy. I literally am two seconds away from calling the police. My mind is racing with all sorts of different scenarios none good. I fall on the ground and can't hold in the tears any longer. Finally I hear someone calling my name and a couple of teachers coming towards me. They found her. THANK GOD! Ashlynn had to go to the bathroom before all the craziness started. Her teacher, who just happened to be out there walking too, had taken her back over to school to go. They had gotten locked down there and the message that they were there didn't get back across the street to us. Eight minutes of my life I will never forget. I have never been more thankful to lay my eyes on my child in my life. I am pretty sure I squeezed the breath out of her with my " hug" .

Ultimately it makes me pray a little harder for those mommas that never found their child. It makes me shudder at the pain they must have gone through for the hours of uncertainty they were experiencing.

As for this girl right here, I may not let her leave my sight until she is 54!

And just because you can- give your babies a little extra loving tonight too.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break 2013: Adventures, A Little Mommy Review, and Really?

Last year Marshal and I decided that we want to start using Spring Break as a little mini vacay with the kids. There are so many places I want my kids to see and experiences I want them to have.

This year we took them to Kansas City. We started the weekend off at Great Wolf Lodge. The kids had a blast! I have actually heard a lot of negative about the lodge and the food there, but honestly our room was very clean, big, and really nice. The food was pretty yummy too. I did think the extra activities at the lodge were a bit on the pricey side, but lucky for me my kids wanted to spend the entire stay in the waterpark.

Story time.

Dance Party.

I know these pictures are terrible, but had to show them being sweet brother and sister. Ashlynn grabbed his hand all on her own and was walking around with him. So cute!

Ashlynn rode every slide in the place and was running 90 to nothing experiencing the whole place.

Jaxton, well he found his favorite red slide and I spent hours (not exaggerating) sitting there watching him go down the slide over and over and over again. Lucky for me Jaxton had a little friend that shared his passion for this same red slide so his dad and I chatted it up while the boys rode the slide. We did have to have the conversation several times about not cutting in line in front of our friends. He was just so excited every single time he could hardly wait to go down it again.

If you are considering a trip to Great Wolf Lodge we found one night to be the perfect stay. You have access to the waterpark from 1:00 p.m. on check in day until 9:00 p.m. on check out day. I am sure the resort wouldn't want me sharing that, but I think it was the perfect amount of time there. Also Sunday morning proved to be a great day to be at the waterpark. Lots of folks were checking out so we really didn't have to wait in line for anything and there were lots of open tables so Marshal and I even got to sit and relax a little while the kids played.

Sunday afternoon we left the Lodge around 5:00 and checked in to a hotel closer to downtown. We wanted to be able to take the kids to other fun things in KC and feel like they got to really experience the city.


The kids loved this place. I thought it was really great too. It is free and the kids get to keep everything they create. The only negative about our experience was it being spring break it was super crowded.

Chips Chocolate Factory

The Crayola Store


Ok I have to preface this by saying my kids loved this place. Ashlynn talked and talked about it. However, I was not impressed and would discourage you from wasting your money. It was $73 to get my family of 4 into the place. Perhaps had it not cost that much I would have been ok with it, but for an hour worth of fun I thought it was a rip off. There were two rides, a play center, and three stations with Legos to play with. Seriously $73, 1 hour= not worth it in my mind.

We also had some yummy food:

T- Rex Cafe

Arthur Bryant's ( Ashlynn was not a fan, but her daddy was loving it.)

Glacé ice cream

Pretty neat place. The ice cream is made from all natural ingredients and is made fresh. There were 25 flavors to choose from all unique and pretty yummy.

Cheesecake Factory ( For me of course)

Trying to catch snowflakes.

While here we got to watch it snow and snow. I tried to get a picture because the snow flakes were some of the biggest I have ever seen. iPhones and me do not equal fabulous pictures.

It was a really great trip and I loved having the adventures (as Jaxton kept calling them) with my little family.

After we got home our spring break took a bit of a yucky turn. I feel bad for complaining because regardless I love being home with my kids. Spring break is always a tease making me long for summer. Hopefully summer will actually be warm and we won't have to stay inside huddled up from the snow. Tell me I'm not the only one that was depressed with all the spring break snow.

Anyway every year I take my kids to get their pictures made with a live rabbit. I never really do anything with these pictures, but it has just become something we always do. Well this year Bedford's wasn't doing the bunny pictures. That was disappointing enough because it is a $12 sitting fee and you get to keep the proofs. Being one to keep up traditions I found another local photographer that was doing bunny pictures. Well I get the kids up, dressed and to the photography studio. The photographer gets the kids sat up and goes to get the rabbit. He walks out with this cute, gray, floppy eared, long haired bunny. He goes to sit the bunny down and well without going into a lot of details the bunny dies. Yes, you heard me right. Dies right there in front of me and my kids. The photographer starts crying and kind of freaking out. Me well I am sure you can only imagine. As Marshal likes to tell everyone I am a tree hugger. I don't do well with animals dying. It was horrific. I did manage to hold myself together long enough to calm down the photographer and get my kids out of there. I did, however spend the rest of the day in bed with my sensitive little heart broken. Oh and after 8 years of bunny rabbit pictures we have no Easter pictures this year. Really? Who does this stuff even happen to?

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Friday, March 15, 2013


It's been 24 years since I was 8. I was 24 years old when I became a mother. In less than 24 hours I will have an eight year old daughter. It only seems fitting that my almost eight year old, made me celebrate with her, by doing something I haven't done in 24 years, roller skate.

I know Marshal and I look great! I was still on pain medication. I don't really know what Marshal's excuse was.

This year she wanted to have a sleepover for her birthday. Last weekend we took Ashlynn and her two best friends rollerskating.

Just to show some things never change. Hottie! Ha!

Then back to our house for a night of girlie fun mixed with a few hours of sleep.

Ashlynn must be her daddies daughter. No Rick's. major sad face for me. Who wants to go with me next week to make up for it?

The next day Ashlynn, Nonnie and I had a girls shopping trip. We also took Ashlynn to get her ears pierced and finished the day off with dessert.

Tomorrow, on her actual birthday she is picking a breakfast location for a little family celebration with Nonnie, GeGe, Grandma and Grandpa. Then Marshal and I are taking the kids to Kansas City for a little Spring Break fun.

Happy Birthday Ashlynn! You are by far the most fun, spicy, little sparkle I know . And so so LOVED!

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