Sunday, October 6, 2013

That Boy!

Last Spring, during soccer season, Marshal and I discovered Saturday lunch at JJ's. I am a huge sucker for a fried egg burger. Oh my mercy yumminess! Any way before the fairly recent opening of the Roger's Grubs, JJ's was about the only place to get my favorite ever cheeseburger. Unfortunately, despite their kids eat free all day every day advertisement, JJ's atmosphere is not kid friendly. Saturday afternoon seems to be the exception for this. In fact every time we go on a Saturday afternoon it is mainly families with children. Yay for finding a time to fill my burger cravings!

Yesterday it was rainy and nasty. We had planned to take the kids to see the airplanes at the Bentonville Airport. That sadly didn't look like it was going to happen.

We decided we would go out for lunch and then come back home and snuggle up for the day. ( side note: We did get to go see the planes around 5:00 when the weather finally cleared up. It was pretty cool. We bundled up and drove the jeep with the top off. The planes flew right over us. Pretty neat.)

We pull into the JJ's parking lot and Jaxton sees a poster like this one hanging in the window.

He says " hey do you see those girls?" I reply " yes Jaxton, what about them?". He says " They are pretty girls. Girls prettier than momma."

Wow! Thanks Jaxton. I love you too son. I love you too.

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