Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Jaxton is FIVE

Wow! These five years have flown by. Five years ago, I didn't know how much I would love a November birthday, but let me tell you- I love it! I love the weather (well the weather we had Saturday, this cold blast not so much). I love the fact that I am needing more cake come November. And I love love love that my baby missed the cut off for kindergarten and he gets to be my baby just a little bit longer.

This year, I was super nervous that I wasn't going to be able to pull off his birthday party. He wanted it to be at home, which I love, and he wanted a superhero theme. Creativity is not my strong point,yet I knew this party had to be fabulous. Anyone remember Miss Ashlynn's fifth birthday party? (link to if you need a refresher or simply didn't know me then...Ashlynn's Fifth Birthday  )I mean come on, to die for princess party, that we hired a party coordinator for. I was major stressing about throwing Jaxton an equally amazing party. I am not sure I can compete with crystal dishes, princess make-up and all that bjazz, but I do think it came together and was indeed an amazing party. Ok maybe it's not ok to brag on your own party throwing skills. And maybe it's the fact that I had a killer headache and still managed to smile and participate in the party, but I was seriously impressed with how cute everything looked and how much fun Jaxton had.

Here are the party details:

Yes, I made that five all by myself. I know, impressive. Ha!

Before the beer and water got iced down in the tubs. Forgot to go back and get a picture. Oh well I think I saw my mom posted one on her FB if you just can't visualize it. Oh yes, it's me with the visualizing problems, not you.

Superhero capes and mask ( my sweet mom made all 30 of those adorable mask).

Cape and mask decorating station. Ashlynn must have done the marker design, because I had just thrown them out there.

My superhero!

Of course I made a wreath just for his birthday.

Oh these pumpkins- loved them, even though Marshal thought I was crazy!

I am so sad I didn't get to bounce this year. Epic Inflatable is the absolute best if you need a bounce house in NWA. We've used them the last two years and they have let us have the bounce house basically all day. My plan was to get in some good bouncing after the party. However, my head decided an ER trip was a much more exciting end to the day.

What's a party without a little silly string? 16 kids set free with silly string, makes for a very beautiful, fun colored backyard. Is it weird that I totally want to throw an adult party and include silly string now?

Present opening. I think if all of the kids could have fit in my lap, they would have completely climbed on in. I had no idea how exciting boy toys could be. These kiddos brought some major cool things!

Sweet Noah and Jaxton enjoying their cupcakes. Jaxton really, really wants Noah to live with us. Silly boy!

Izzie made me smile. Who needs to decorate a mask when you can stick a star straight on your head.

Miss Sass has been playing pretty hard it appears.

Superhero women! Not even kidding, each one of these ladies has some amazing super powers.

You didn't think, I actually forgot to get my child a Rick's cake did you?

Actual birthday day cake! Yum, yum! Serves 35 to 40 people or one Andrea with enough to share a bite or two with her kids.

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