Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh my Five Year Old

Ashlynn is (for the most part) a very well behaved child. She is polite, sweet and a total rule follower that truly wants to please.

That is until she gets overly tried. Then oh my dear mercy you better watch out. When she is tried she turns into a complete and total mess. I cannot even explain to you the fits that little girl can throw. Screaming, stomping her feet, fist clinched, tears streaming down her face-FIT.

Well as you can imagine the start of kindergarten has been pretty exhausting. Today some of that exhaustion got the best of Ashlynn and that overly tried fit throwing started. First it was a little fit over not wanting to put her shoes on. Then she didn't want to eat her dinner. Then when we get to Walmart she throws a pretty good sized fit in the parking lot because she wanted to ride in the top of the cart and make Jaxton ride in his stroller. I told her no she had two choices...walk or ride in the bottom. Well her daddy went against what I said and got another chart and let her ride in the top of it while Jaxton was in the top of the other chart. This pretty much infuriated me. Not only had I just had enough of the fits, but for him to go against what I said and give into her fit...ugg I was steaming mad at both of them.

So I take off. If Marshal wants to put up with it fine, but I wasn't going to. Within five minutes Ashlynn and Marshal catch up to me in Walmart and Ashlynn says "Momma I am so sorry what can I do to make you feel better." I reply "Ashlynn I have had enough, what I want is for you to stop acting this way and for your Daddy to start listening to me. " She says "Daddy I told you momma wanted you to tell her sorry". So Marshal tells me he is sorry. I am still not feeling real forgiving so I continue on with my shopping. Ashlynn then tells Marshal that Momma is still mad and she thinks they need to sing me a song. She ask Marshal what song she should sing me. Marshal tells her to sing me Girls Just Want to Have Fun. So she does. I am not amused.

Ashlynn turns to Marshal and says "Daddy Mommy still has and angry face-do you just not know her at all?"

I had to laugh after that. And that is why I love my five year old!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Restaurant Stage

This weekend Jaxton officially reached the Restaurant Stage. You know that stage where taking him in to a restaurant of any kind is a HUGE mistake. The stage where it takes you longer to pack a diaper bag for a one hour meal then it does to pack for a week long vacation. You have high hopes that something that you packed will entertain him long enough for you to eat your meal. The stage where every hostess in any restaurant cringes when they see you walk in the door.

You know the drill (or if you don't yet you will) sit down the waitress comes over and before she can ask you what you want to drink you have blurted out your entire order. As soon as she has deliver your food you lay out your credit card without even caring what the bill says. You stuff your food in your mouth as fast as you can knowing that each bite is supper yummy, even if you can't taste it because you swallowed it whole.

Once you have completed your meal you stand up to leave and give everyone around you an apologetic look. It is almost like they are cheering silently thinking thank goodness they are finally leaving. I mean not only has your baby thrown toys at them, talked extremely loudly, flicked water at them, but just look at the mess he made. Crackers, chopped up pieces of food, cereal, and smeared baby food litters the table, chairs and for heavens sake don't even think about looking at the floor.

When you finally arrive back at the car you are completely exhausted and feel like you have just survived some kind of war. You swear you are not going out to eat for the next ten years and you say a silent prayer that no one in that restaurant recognized you.

Then when next weekend rolls around you think surely it wasn't that bad.....where do you want to go eat?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today Ashlynn started kindergarten and Jaxton started Mother's Day Out. I tell you I was an emotional wreck all day. On one hand I loved being able to sneak kisses from my sweet baby girl all day and on the other hand I was so beside myself worried about my baby boy being with a bunch of strangers.

Ashlynn and Jaxton both had great days!

Ashlynn loved kindergarten. her favorite part of the day was playing at recess with her friend from MDO Ryann. She also enjoyed going to music and playing with pattern blocks. She said she was disappointed that she didn't make anything in art because there were too many rules-ha.

Jaxton did fine too. I have been very lucky to have my mom keep him while I work. She will still be keeping him three days a week and he will be going to MDO two days a week. This is very new for me. Ashlynn stayed a home with her full time until she was 2 1/2- so taking a 9 month old is a new experience.

He only took a 45 minute nap today (verse his normal 4 hours), but stayed happy most of the day. My biggest complaint was he was so tired and cranky by the time I got him home I didn't get to have any fun and snuggle time with him. Hopefully he will adjust to their schedule and all will be good. If not my mom assures me we will do something different and she will find someone to keep him at her church for those two days (hint hint mom) . No really I think it is just going to take some getting used to on all of our parts. Ashlynn loved MDO and I am sure Jaxton will as well.

Above all we all made it through it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Day of Summer

Today is my last day of summer vacation and tomorrow is back to the "real" world. I am going to miss my lazy days of being home and am already counting the days to Thanksgiving break. Don't get me wrong I love love love my job and I have already admitted that I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom, but the time home with my family is very precious to me.

I thought I would share a few pictures to show you how we spent our last day.
We spent all morning in our pajamas Made chocolate gravy for breakfastwent to Rick's Bakery for lunch

and ended the afternoon with a fabulous nap!

A day of doing a whole lot of nothing....It doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I did not sign up for this

When I found out I was going to be a mommy for the first time I was so excited. I was excited about the tiny toes and the cut little clothes. I couldn't wait to snuggle the perfect little baby. I dreamed of watching her grow and being her best friend.

Never did it ever cross my mind that becoming a mommy was going to be more difficult than anything my wildest imagination could dream up.

Last night Marshal, GeGe, and I ended up in the emergency room with Ashlynn. She was playing underneath the dinning room table with plans to jump out and surprise her GeGe and Daddy. When she went to jump out she surprised them alright...yes you guessed it, the top of her little head hit right into the bottom corner of the table.

The very second I heard the sound my heart sank. I knew right then that my baby girl was badly hurt. Marshal scooped her up and she began screaming. When she started crying Jaxton started crying and I started crying. Thank goodness Marshal was there and thank goodness he is able to not only deal with blood (which anyone that knows me at all knows that I can barely say the word without passing out much less have to see it and clean it up) but he was able to stay calm.

He cleaned up the wound and we waited for a little while then he told us the cut just wasn't going to close up on it's own and we needed to go the emergency room.

This is where that "being a mommy is the most difficult thing" comes in. When your baby is hurt, you as a mommy feel the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. Knowing that you can't kiss it and make it feel better. Knowing that you have to sit back, smile like everything is fine, and be strong. No one ever told me that this would be so hard.

Ashlynn is going to be fine. It really turned out to be a minor cut. She got a couple of staples and will need a week of healing but is going to be just fine.

I am the one with the long term effects.

I am the one that was reminded how fiercely I love that child. I am the one that dropped down on my knees and thanked God for being her protector. I am the one that got a small glimpse of how God must feel when we, his children, hurt. It made me realize that although God probably wants nothing more than to take our pain away, the pain in our lives teaches us so much.

While this was Ashlynn's first, I know it will not be her last cut or bruise. I hope though that she has learned to be a little more cautious and listen a little closer.

I hope that I too have learned that same lesson.