Monday, June 16, 2014

13th Anniversary Card

So it turns out I am a major cheapo when it comes to cards. I am sorry Hallmark, but I just refuse to buy $3.99 plus cards. To me they have very little value and end up in the trash sooner or later. That doesn't mean I don't think you should say sweet things to people for their birthday, anniversary, etc. I would just rather do it in a more personal, cheaper way. I bought a big box of blank cards and have been using them for everything. I think the box was $2.99 and I just write my own words, from my own heart to give to people.

I decided this year instead of buying or writing a card to Marshal, I would just blog to him.


Thirteen long years, you would say. I can't believe it! It makes me feel really old actually. It doesn't feel like this day was five years ago, much less 13!

I was crazy happy to be marrying you and I think I thought I knew what love was that day. Ha, I had no idea.

A year and three homes later you had moved us to Louisiana. Boy did I hate it there. I know now looking back on it, it was what we both needed to grow as a couple and stop being two only children that relied on our parents for everything.

By year number four we had, had our first child. Wow what a crazy life changing event that turned out to be. I struggled big time being a new mommy and still finding time to be a wife. That was the year I gave my heart to you completely. Anything I thought I knew about love grew in the most intense way and I learned that there is absolutely nothing more romantic then watching your husband hold and love your baby girl.

Shortly before our seventh anniversary I took you on your 30th birthday surprise cruise. Worse trip ever! But there is no one I would rather have by my side trapped on a vomit covered ship than you! And hey I still love you bunches for carrying my passed out (from heat exhaustion) self all over the Yucatan Peninsula.

Our eighth year was a hard one for me and probably for you too. I lost our surprise baby and it crushed me. I know you didn't know how to help me, but you were by my side the whole time and I will always treasure the time you spent holding me.

This years anniversary picture has to be my absolute least favorite. I was pregnant with Jaxton and felt like a big blob. You however still made me feel beautiful, even though I know you are not a fan of a pregnant girl.

If that was my least favorite, the tenth year is my all time favorite. Yay for the anniversary trip to the Bahamas! Two children later, that trip was the absolute best. You and I just soaked in our minutes together.

Our eleventh year we bought a new house. Talk about stressful. Wow what a difference it is moving a whole family verse just the two of us. That was the year that I discovered I could do anything as long as you were by my side. You literally were my strength.

Our twelfth and thirteenth have brought on their own set of ups and downs, but that's the thing that keeps me growing in my love for you each day. You and I take each up and each down together. I love that you are my favorite person to be with and that everything, yard work, housecleaning, laundry, etc are always more fun as long as you are with me. You are my perfect other half and I love you so much big bunches sometimes it feels like my heart might explode.

P.S. Will you remarry me so I can have some more cake?



Sunday, June 8, 2014


This still being in school, in June, thing totally stinks. However, it did happen to help me win a fabulous staycation weekend with my hubby. Which has me feeling like a pretty lucky girl.

You see it all started a couple of weeks ago when my best dance mom friend text me asking if I would like to go to the Blake Shelton concert. Well yes please! The tickets did come with conditions, conditions I could easily abide by, I couldn't pay for them, I couldn't sell them, and I had to do a random act of kindness. Y'all already know, from previous blog post, that random acts of kindness are kind of my thing. So yay Blake Shelton tickets for me!

Ok next step-child care. I am beyond blessed to live near my parents. I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to have your mom and dad so close. Being an only child also kind of gets me a little bit of spoiling on the parent end. Any ways having said that, there are times they can't babysit and I do have to actually find someone that can. I called my mom to see if they could watch the kids. She said she could, but there was a little problem. If she watched the kids Saturday night, she would have to take them the whole weekend because they already had plans to go to the cabin. It took me about 2.5 seconds to decide that this problem was definitely something I thought we could handle. Then, as if I wasn't already getting excited about a whole weekend of getting me time, my mom told me that since I had to work, she might as well just keep them until Monday evening. Three whole nights, kid free. Oh hello fabulousness! I love those kids more than my own life, but sometimes it is nice to have time to miss them. Plus Jaxton has a huge love affair with GeGe's cabin and I know that both Ashlynn and Jaxton adore every second they get to spend with their Nonnie and GeGe.

Soooo my staycation began Friday afternoon with alone time at the pool.

I read and relaxed and even managed to get a tiny bit of color on my always sooo white skin.

Once Marshal got home he joined me for a bit. Then we decided to come home and take a nap. There is just very little that I love more than I love naps. I didn't even care that it was 6:00 in the evening. We got up around 7:30 and decided to get ready and go out for dinner. Awe no children makes the restaurant possibilities seem endless. Our anniversary is just next week though, so we decided to not get too crazy with ourselves and ended up at Copeland's.

After dinner, we went back to the subdivision and hung out with some of our neighbors. We have some seriously cool neighbors. Lately it seems to be one of my favorite things to do, sit in a lawn chair and visit. We ended up back home somewhere around 12:30, so late, but not terribly so. I want to point this out and I want you to remember it, because you aren't even going to believe what we did next.

We slept. I mean like slept like we were still in college. When I woke up the next morning, I grabbed my phone to check to see what time it was. I really expected it was around 9:00 and was already trying to decide if I was done sleeping or if I wanted to snuggle back in. As soon as I saw my phone I had to take a screen shot because I couldn't even believe what time it was.

Who sleeps until 11:20?!?! As if that wasn't bad enough I didn't even get out of bed when I realized it. Nope, we laid their another hour or so before we got up. Ridiculous, but it felt fabulous.

Once we got up I did do a couple of chores that needed to be done, but then we decided we didn't really have time to get a whole lot done, so we went to the pool again. Ha!

We came home around 3:30 to get ready for the concert. We wanted to have time to eat before we met our friends at 6:00. We went to JJ's and grabbed a burger and then headed to Pinnacle Country Club where we were to meet.

As we were driving that way we saw this massive line. I am talking a mile long, four to five people wide, line. I was feeling extremely spoiled that I wasn't going to have to wait in that line. ( I stole this picture off of a friends Facebook page so you could see. Thanks Jamye! )

Nope in fact not only did we not have to wait in line, but we had time to hang out and grab a drink at the club before catching the shuttle.

I also had a lady tell me that I had great boots. Yay, for compliments!

We caught the shuttle around 6:45. They took us right up near the entrance and we were able to walk right in and get a great spot on the lawn. ( sorry random people in front of us for posting you all over my blog)

It was really nice. There was a breeze and the lawn was great. We had plenty of room to spread out and once the concert started I had room to dance and Marshal had room to stand perfectly still and watch me like I was an idiot. Ha. We even got this cute keychain that I thought was pretty clever.

Hey, it doesn't take much to amuse me.

I thought the concert was great. Cutie little 22 year old Hunter Hayes was great. He had a lot of energy and started the show off wonderfully. He also happens to sing one of my favorite songs: Wanted. So I loved getting to see him.

Blake Shelton was also great. He was funny and just really entertaining to watch.

He closed the show with one of my all time favorite songs, Footloose. He and his band sounded amazing and the crowd was having a blast singing with him.

Thank you Nick and Jill for a fabulous night! Marshal and I had such a great time!!!

Today is Sunday. I would tell you all about what I am doing, but it might be completely pitiful of me to admit that I have spent the majority of it lounging in my bed, loving every minute of the peaceful quietness going on around here.

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