Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Doctor's Answer

Today was my scheduled yearly wellness visit. I use to never ever schedule a doctor's appointment during the school day. I viewed my sick days as a life line and hoarded them as if they were going to strike me down dead in my tracks if I used them. Now,well now I view going to the doctor as a perfect reason for a day off to have some alone time. Awe.... Bliss! (Granted it never really amounts to much time by the time you drop the kids off a school, go to your appointment and then, well heck it's practically time to pick the kids up from school.) None the less, I am completely home, by myself for the next two hours and I am extremely grateful for that time.

I know what you are thinking, Andrea and her rambling, again. But this really ties into everything.

So, I was really kind of all over the place with what all I wanted to say to the doctor. You know they always ask how you are and if you have any concerns. Was I just going to be my usual bubbly self or was I going to somehow try to explain the overwhelmness and unhappiness I have been feeling. I knew I really wasn't prepared to take any kind of anxiety/ depression medication because honestly, I am very anti pills. However, if I am really honest with myself, I am unhappy and grouchy more than any one person should be allowed to be. I can big time tell how much my attitude is affecting my health. Sleeplessness, major daily headaches, weight gain. I could give you lots and lots of reasons as to why I am grouchy, but I can give you even more reasons as to why I shouldn't be grouchy. None the less- I am grouchy and whiny and completely sick of hanging out with myself all-day-every-day.

Ok so my first approach: Completely and totally random, I have noticed that my temperature is always really low. Like 96.5 to 97.3. Never ever 98 point anything. Of course I google diagnose myself , like any smart well educated person would do, and decided there is something wrong with my metabolism. Right? Right. Simple fix I am sure. I explain my theory to Dr. Pappas. I am like "you know I am sure you can see on my records, that my weight has really shot up in the last couple of years. This is really concerning to me and I was thinking you should probably do something about my metabolism. " He looks and I am thinking ok here we go step one to a skinnier, happier Andrea check check. Well that went down the pisser faster than anything. He says "actually your BMI shows you are still underweight. I would be ok if you wanted to lose 3 pounds, but anything more than that and you are going to be in trouble with me." We'll let me tell you something mister BMI about the F.A.T. hanging over every single pair of jeans I own. I don't give a D.A.M.N about what your computer says about any of that. Muffin top is not in style now and will not ever be in style.

So much for the stupid magic weight loss fix I was hoping for!

Ok ok breathe Andrea. This is the prefect example to try and help explain how you are feeling. So I say "You know Dr. Pappas, I have noticed over the last little while that I seem to have a short temper. You know I get grouchy really easily and well I just feel overwhelmed All Of The Time lately. ( You know kind of like how I just about broke your computer screen over my knee just then?) " And I've been getting these headaches. Like really horrible headaches. Every Single Day. " I am taking some medicine for them and that helped for a while, but the frequency is starting to pick up again. " "Like stress headaches maybe or hormone headaches. I don't know, what do you think?" He looks at his computer some more. Ask me a couple of questions and then says. "You know Andrea, you are at a stage in life that is just really tough. Your blood results show that you are healthy as they come. In fact your cholesterol levels are phenomenal. If I had your levels, I would eat a Krispy Kreme donut everyday." ( I had to throw that in there because I am not kidding, I am quoting him word for word.Just for the record if you start seeing me with a donut everyday.) "You have two full time jobs, working outside the home and taking care of two young children." "I know exactly what you need." He takes out his prescription pad. I am thinking hallelujah bring on the magic happy pills. Forget my anti-pill thing. Just fix me. Take away the grouch. Yay! Before he hands over the prescription he says " I am writing this prescription. It will work to take away the headaches and ease the stress. It will help you feel less overwhelmed and healthier about your body. I expect you to consistently take it."

It says: out of town trip once a month. Pamper!

I looked at him a little confused. He explained he felt I needed a weekend a month without kids and that I needed to be pampered. Ha!

Oh Dr. Pappas I love you, but it is very very obvious to me you have never been a mother or married to a man..... Anyone out there have any magic happy pills they want to share?

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Becoming A Dance Mom

Ok I will admit it. I've kind of always wanted to do this. When I was in the fourth grade my parents decided I couldn't be in dance anymore. I loved dance, but unfortunately I didn't love school. I was one of those kids that fell through the cracks. My grades in elementary school were terrible. It wasn't that I wasn't trying, I was. Regardless of my best efforts though I simply didn't get it. My parents, with the best of intentions, took me out of all extra curricular activities to allow me to spend my time improving my grades. I've missed being in dance every since.

Ashlynn is my second chance. Unlike me, school has been a breeze for my smarty pants. She is super smart ( not just momma talking, she is reading on a 5th grade reading level-whoop whoop!) Anyway, I wanted to be very careful not to push her in to anything just because I wanted it. She really wasn't all that crazy about dance. She has been in dance for four years, but this summer decided to try out for company. She tried out and made it. It is amazing to me what a difference being on company makes. All That Dance does an awesome job of creating a family like feeling for the company girls. Ashlynn absolutely loves dance now. We are at the studio three nights a week and she truly enjoys being their.

This weekend was our very first competition. I was kind of a nervous mess about it. We have been getting daily emails for weeks now telling us about make up requirements, jewelry, tanning, extra rehearsals, etc. Yikes I felt overwhelmed keeping up with it all. Last week I was in the studio standing there ease dropping on all if these moms conversations about competition. I was just trying to understand it all and make sure I knew what was going on. This mom looked over at me and said " honey is this your first year?" I don't know if my face just had that panicked look or what, but next thing I know she has grabbed me, smushed me into her chest, hugging me, while rubbing my back. I felt like that was the moment I had finally arrived. Ha! In all seriousness the moms have been very sweet and welcoming to both Ashlynn and I. Dance mom friends. Yay!

Those dance mom friends become very helpful on competition days. After watching the YouTube videos on how Ashlynn's hair had to be fixed and make up how to videos it was comforting to know if I screwed up I had mom friends standing by to help.

Ashlynn and I headed out at 7:00 this morning. That was painful for me on a Saturday.

We got to the dressing room and I got the thumbs up for fixing her bun correctly.

Talk about a proud momma moment. Ha! After the talking to we all got at the on stage rehearsal I was a little afraid I was going to make a big mess out of her bun. ( this is the not acceptable bun from rehearsal -just FYI)

Her big sis ,Ashlea, came early to help finish Ashlynn's eye makeup. Now before you start thinking I am just a makeup mom loser, it took three people to get "miss I can't keep my eyes still" make up finished.

So before I get too carried away I have to note the things I learned in the dressing room. Were you aware that they make a bag that has a pop up clothes rack in it? I mean some of these moms have some serious equipment.
Our stuff....

And then one example of their stuff...

Ok anyway I have a little ways to go before I get that fancy.

Ashlynn's first dance was her small group performance.

They did a wonderful job and got a gold ranking. I was very proud of them. Ashlynn's teacher even said that this was the best she has seen Ashlynn dance yet.

After her dance we took a little break to go grab a late breakfast with Nonnie and GeGe.

We had a little time to hang out and watch some of the other performances before the first awards ceremony.

Then it was time to get ready for dance number two.

Big Sis Ashlea ( she is such a doll!)

Showing daddy how tough Wonder Woman can be.

I loved this little superhero dance. They did an amazing job. The group won first place for this dance and earned high gold. Yay! Yay! All That Dance also won the spirit award for this grouping.

Ashlynn was so proud of her new pins and can't wait to get her other pins at the studio this week.

I loved spending the day with her. There wasn't a single moment when the two of us weren't grinning. While you may not catch me sporting this anytime soon....

I am proud to be an official dance mom.

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